Former CSL aid: Chinese players can hold their liquor so well that they can drink 8 bottles of beer at a meal

2022-04-23 0 By

Beijing time today 18:00, the National football team will be in the round of 12 away against Japan.In the first meeting between the two sides in the round of 12, Although China only lost 1-0, throughout the game, it was basically a half-court offensive drill by Japan, and China hardly posed any threat to the opposing team’s goal.In the past twenty years, Chinese men’s national football Team has been a top-ranking team in Asia. Although it may not win games, it has been playing with top-ranking teams in Asia, such as South Korea, Japan and Iran, and even won some matches after a while.But since the World Cup in Korea and Japan, the level of the national football team has been sliding, not only by the old rivals completely opened the distance, but also by Asia’s second-rate Iraq, Syria oppression, if not for wu Lei’s inspiration, I’m afraid we and Asia’s third-rate Vietnam not equal.It has to be said that in China’s football circle, the pattern from players to soccer-related practitioners is too small;Take the match against Japan for example, in the strength of the opposition is very different, but also focus on the score and the loss of a few goals, only focus on the score for us does not mean anything;In this game, we should cherish the opportunity to play against the top Asian teams and show our spirit, even if the fans will understand the loss, as for the score is not that important.China has invested a lot in the football field these years, and even ranked the top in the world, but the vigorous “westernization Movement” will be declared bankrupt with the failure of this impact on the World Cup.Why is there such a mismatch between input and output?There are many reasons for this. It’s hard to put it in one or two words, but we can tell something from the foreign players.Recently, a foreign player who has played in the Chinese Super League for many years said bluntly that There is a general lack of professionalism among Chinese players, many of whom like to drink and go to bars, some of whom can even drink eight bottles of beer at a meal.In fact, this foreign aid is not exaggerating, but what he said is the truth;We should know that Chinese people are very particular about drinking table culture, and for the physical fitness, energy, self-discipline, and a lot of social players, it is more unavoidable to drink;But some people drink purely for pleasure, while others drink as a personal hobby.In recent years, there are not many cases of Chinese players getting into trouble because of drinking, and some even get into fights because of drinking. It seems that drinking and fighting are their main business, but playing football has become a “sideline”.In fact, drinking too much alcohol will harm the kidneys and cause a direct decline in players’ physical fitness, while smoking will affect the lungs and breathing muscles of players, causing them to feel powerless during sports.Tobacco and alcohol directly affect the physical fitness of players, resulting in a decline in physical function.Cristiano ronaldo, messi, lai wan, luka modric such football superstar has excellent professional quality, are almost not drinking alcohol, even dare not involving carbonated drinks, also guarantee the good habit of sleep, coupled with the efforts of training, to let them has always had high performance for years, they are China’s young players need to learn.