A man in the United States rides an electric unicycle to work to save fuel as gasoline prices remain high

2022-04-24 0 By

The high price of gasoline in the United States has caused many ordinary people a headache.A Massachusetts man is riding an electric unicycle to work instead to save gas.Rick Madeira told reporters that he has a new option for those struggling with high gas prices in the US: riding an electric unicycle to work, saving on gas and cutting down on commuting time in the process.Madeira says the electric unicycle he uses has no seats or handlebars, just room for his feet.He can travel between 113 and 129 kilometers on a single charge, with a top speed of 64 kilometers per hour, but he rarely rides that fast.Us oil prices have been on the rise for the past year and recently hit a record high due to tensions in Russia and Ukraine, CNN reported.National average gasoline prices rose as high as $4.33 a gallon in recent days and remained at $4.24 a gallon as of Tuesday, up more than 50% from $2.76 a gallon a year ago, according to AAA.(Zhang Ni, Overseas Network)