He joined the New Fourth Army at 17, became vice premier at 64, retired at 77 and was still alive at 95

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China five thousand years, countless ancestors with blood engraved magnificent blueprint, the river rolling forward, picturesque jiangshan.Patriotism is a kind of deep feeling regardless of gain and loss, is a standing belief, it inspires countless people with lofty ideals “to the country’s life and death, regardless of fortune or misfortune to avoid.”It is this patriotic spirit that has inspired countless Chinese men and women to fight for national rejuvenation.Although the revolutionary forefathers have come to the age of eighty years, in their body can still reflect the deep patriotic spirit.Revolutionary hero Zou Jiahua fought for the construction of the motherland all his life.He joined the New Fourth Army when he was young, fought for the development of the motherland for half of his life, became the vice premier of the country at the age of 40, chose to retire at the age of 77, is now 95 years old, the body is still very healthy.Zou Jiahua was born in Shanghai, China in 1926.For Zou Jiahua’s life, the biggest influence on him is his father Zou Taofen.Zou Taofen is a famous patriotic personage in Our country, and his revolutionary spirit is also a spiritual pillar supporting Zou Jiahua’s contribution to the country.Although Zou Taofen was not personally involved in the battlefield to fight for the motherland, but he used his pen as a gun to contribute to the revolutionary cause.After the 918 Incident, Zou Taofen began to use the news to publicize the Anti-Japanese War, and use the news to raise materials for the anti-japanese soldiers at the front.Even when the Kuomintang government was not moved by the severe situation in China at that time, Zou Taofen began to use public opinion to make the Nationalist government start to rebel and run and shout for patriots.With zou taofen’s patriotic actions, he began to be persecuted by reactionaries and had no choice but to go into exile.Outside China, he began to learn Marxist thought and had a deep understanding.In 1935, Zou Taofen returned to China and continued to participate in the anti-japanese and national salvation movement.When the domestic situation is very severe, the War of Resistance against Japan broke out in an all-round way. Zou Taofen, as a reporter, although he could not go to the battlefield in person, he profoundly proved that the reporter’s pen can be lower than three thousand mauser guns.He used sharp articles to criticize the inaction of the Kuomintang at that time and called on the people of the whole country to stand up and resist and strive for a bright future.Zou Taofen’s articles played an enlightening role for the Chinese youth at that time. Under zou Taofen’s enlightenment, countless patriotic youth were put into the tide of anti-japanese and national salvation.During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Zou Taofen was persecuted by kuomintang reactionaries because his words were too fierce and he often attacked kuomintang authorities.He was eventually rescued by the Chinese Communist Party, but his health suffered and deteriorated.Until 1943, Zou Taofen’s body was finally unable to hold up, died in Shanghai, only 48 years old.Facing the death of his father Zou Taofen, although Zou Jiahua feels very sad, but he knows his father’s death is for the rise of the motherland, although not able to personally feel the era at that time, but under the influence of his father, Zou Jiahua decided to devote himself to the military.So Zou, then 17, joined the New Fourth Army.When Zou jiahua joined the New Fourth Army, China won the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, so the young Zou jiahua did not experience much war.Zou jiahua fought for his country all his life, not in the military field, but in the industrial field of new China.Unlike his father, Zou Taofen, zou was not very interested in literature. He was interested in mechanical manufacturing and electrical equipment from an early age.Officially a member of the New Fourth Army, Zou began to use his expertise to promote the industrial side of the Communist Party of China.After Zou jiahua joined the New Fourth Army, the Party organization found that Zou Jiahua was not very suitable for fighting, on the contrary, he was very suitable for military weapons research, so they decided to send him to the Soviet Union with some other professional talents to learn new knowledge and further their studies.After zou jiahua came to the Soviet Union, he began to learn the professional knowledge of mechanical manufacturing and electronic machines.Life in the Soviet Union was also very difficult. Facing the foreign land, Zou jiahua missed his home and country very much, but he knew that he was struggling to learn for the future of his country, so he continued to stick to it.In 1955, Zou jiahua returned to China after completing his studies.Upon his return to China, he began to devote himself immediately to industrial construction.After returning to China after studying in the Soviet Union, Zou jiahua began to work in industry and came to work in a machine tool factory.When machine tool factory, what Zou Jiahua holds the post is the factory director of machine tool factory, zou Jiahua just is 29 years old at that time.At that time, new China was just founded, and the industry and manufacturing industry were very backward in the world, and the situation was very severe.Seeing the crisis situation of new China, Zou Jiahua was full of ambition and began to struggle for the industrial rise of new China.Zou Jiahua began to develop new products, which were mainly independently developed by China, in order to improve China’s industrial level, hoping that China’s industrial products would no longer be subject to foreign countries.With the joint efforts of Zou jiahua and other scientists, China was finally able to develop its own machine tools.Because the development of machine tool is successful, this also lets Zou Jiahua for a short time fame is big ring.The party organization found That Zou jiahua was a promising talent and began to focus on training him.Later, Zou jiahua became a local leading cadre.At the local level, Zou jiahua was also conscientious and devoted to local industrial construction and development.As a result of zou Jiahua’s efforts, soon Zou Jiahua let the local industry to a higher level, but also made a lot of outstanding achievements.Later, because of his own merits, Zou jiahua gradually rose to the central committee and became vice premier of the state at the age of 64.Zou Jiahua, who became vice premier, has been working hard for decades to reform China’s construction industry. He has been working hard in the frontline areas.Zou didn’t officially retire until he was 77.After retirement, Zou jiahua maintains a good lifestyle and keeps doing physical exercises every day. Now, zou Jiahua is still in good health at the age of 95 and always pays attention to the development of China.Summary: Zou Jiahua’s life is for the development of China’s life, he started from the grassroots step by step, full of achievements, and eventually became the country’s vice premier.Youth is the period of struggle in life, the country is in the period of vigorous development, struggle and struggle, is also the mission of our future generation.Dr. Sun Yat-sen once expressed his ardent expectation for the young people in his speech: “I wish you would place the responsibility of rejuvenating China on your own shoulders.”Today, one hundred years later, we should not forget the teachings of our ancestors and forge ahead.