Six cities in Hubei have been approved as international or national comprehensive transportation hubs, ushering in significant new development opportunities

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If you want to be rich, build roads.Transportation is an important support for economic and social development.Hubei, as a central province, plays an important role in connecting the east and west and connecting the north and south.How to build the traffic in Hubei in the future, the state has recently issued the national comprehensive traffic planning, which has made it clear that the six cities in Hubei will be built into international or national comprehensive transportation hubs. The six cities will assume great responsibilities and usher in new opportunities for development.From the planning map, there are 20 international comprehensive transportation hub cities, Wuhan is one of them.As an international comprehensive transport hub, cities should enhance global connectivity and radiation levels, expand diverse transport networks by sea, land and air, and enhance their functions as gateways.Xiangyang, Yichang, Huanggang-Ezhou-Huangshi will be built into a national comprehensive transportation hub.We will focus on optimizing hub ports, collecting and distributing systems, connecting systems, and enhancing organizational functions of trans-regional personnel exchanges and material transfer.From the perspective of the six cities in Hubei province, Wuhan, Xiangyang and Yichang are the three economic strong cities in Hubei Province, while Huanggang, Huangshi and Ezhou are the cities in Wuhan city circle, and all the six cities have superior location advantages.In the era of high-speed railway, Wuhan is planning to build “meter” high-speed railway, taking advantage of the “eight vertical and eight horizontal” railway network, with well-developed air, land and water transportation.Xiangyang has three high-speed railways, namely Zheng-Wan, Wu-xi and Hun-nan, and expressways such as Erguang and Fu-Yin. Civil aviation industry is also very developed.Yichang has high-speed railways along the Yangtze River and Hunan. Civil aviation, expressways and shipping are in the forefront of the whole province. Huanggang, Huangshi and Ezhou have the advantage of wuhan hub, with convenient transportation.To sum up, the city of hubei province will borrow hub construction in the development of new opportunities, in investment, attract foreign and project construction has advantages, at the same time, the six city traffic and the heart, such as hubei traffic elsewhere as branch on heart blood vessels, relying on the core of the six city traffic advantages, promote the coordinated development of the economy.