“The Killer is not too calm” 9.1 won the first place, 3 details achievement of the king of comedy, aunt laugh

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“The Professional,” a comedy in the same season as “Watergate bridge,” came in second at the box office, with close reviews and cat’s Eye ratings. What makes this surprisingly inspiring comedy so good?If you actually sit in the theater and watch this movie, you’ll find that this movie can really make you laugh all the way through.If “Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake” doesn’t take the no. 1 spot in this year’s Lunar New Year holiday season, perhaps the dark horse and box office winner will definitely be this comedy.”The Killer is not too cool” and “The Richest man in Hong Kong” and other comedy films compared, the wonderful degree is far more than the latter, the picture quality and special effects and many years ago “Kung Fu”, quite similar.Therefore, it is no exaggeration to call this show the king of comedy, both in terms of word-of-mouth and box office.
Second, the most important thing is that the audience’s reaction is not an awkward laugh, but an aunt laugh.Although there have been a number of comedy films chosen to be screened on the special day of Spring Festival, but the box office success and funny degree are not as prominent as the Professional.To be a real comedy, and to be the king of comedies, two things must be met. One is a hit at the box office, and the other is to make the audience laugh not awkwardly, but subconsciously.So far, I feel that the only film that can meet the two conditions is Leslie Cheung’s version of “East Cheng Xi” in previous years, and this year’s comedy is second.The film has earned more than 2.2 billion yuan at the box office, with a score of 9.1 out of Maoyan and 6.5 out of Douban.Look at the cast list, there are Ma Li and Alan, and Wei Xiang, you know this comedy is quite high content, each of Ma Li’s works always leave the audience a lot of joy and talk about.Secondly, this drama is the third time that Ma Li and Alan have cooperated, the previous two works are still relatively successful, with these two comedy masters and drama master, this drama does not want to be popular.There is Wei Xiang, speaking of him, recently there is another of his works “Li MAO play prince” is also hot, this work positioning is comedy, a person’s 2 works with the same period of hot, this is rare, wei Xiang is a comedy drama from a simple character.There are Wei Xiang, Ma Li, Alan Jiachi, the top actors can act, but also are the drama.Why do you say that this film is well connected in the plot, not embarrassed, not laughing?It’s the beginning and the middle and the end, and it’s just fantastic, and the beginning is definitely the punchline of the movie, and it makes the audience laugh right off the top of it, and it’s kind of an appetizer.In the opening scene, Allen’s real killer Carl tries to kill a mob boss, but the boss’s inadvertent mistake turns out to be the perfect fake Carl, who ends up in the hospital with a hiccup.After that, the eldest brother became a key figure in the film, serving as a link between the preceding and the following.If the eldest brother is true Karl playing acting booster, then Ma Li played milan is completely lubricant, and the eldest brother’s side of those minions is also the drama, a than a can play.In a word, after watching the play, the first impression is that everyone is quite good at acting, so that people are immersed in the scene of the play.Three heads are better than one The film not only has a good beginning, but also a good partner.The whole film light Milan, fake Carl, the boss of the three people to make up a whole stage, three people support, let the comedy scene to the end, the whole process has left a lot of facial expressions, especially Wei Xiang facial expressions the most.After the film hit theaters, another popular wei Xiang film, Li MAO Playing Prince, saw a rapid increase in the number of viewers, and many of Wei Xiang’s own emojis were also posted in the space.Overall, this movie is a star in comedy movies, which is novel and innovative in plot design. It is worth watching.Compared with the complete comedy elements, the most important thing that this film beats other funny comedy films is the tears of laughter. Although it is very funny, it allows us to see the efforts and persistence of an insignificant person fighting for his dream, which invisibly reflects that many people think of sticking to their dreams.This is also the spiritual core of the film, after laughing, let us continue to set out with dreams!