The Meaning of “Du Xing” (Chinese Mailbox of Mr To)

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Du: I often see the word “Duxing” in the media these days.For example: “Like a screw that never rusts, he works diligently without complaint or regret.”Another example: “both a grand blueprint, and a firm commitment.”What is the exact meaning of “Duxing”?thank youMr. Li: “Du” can mean “faithful” or “single-minded”.If a petty citizen is devoted to the farmers, he will have a good fortune.Be faithful to your friends, when you are alive, shake them up, and when you are dead, protect your family.(Ouyang Xiu, Biography of The History of the Song Dynasty) (1) Devote oneself to farming; (2) Be loyal to friends.The word duxing means “faithful practice”.The idea that leading cadres must work diligently for the people.(4) Practice the virtue of diligence and kindness of the Chinese nation.(5) Learn and inherit the spiritual spectrum of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC), firm belief, clear ambition and earnest action, and strive to become a new person of The Times who can be useful and shoulder important responsibilities.In addition, it is now often said that “Duxing buidui” means “faithful practice without slacking off”.Let us unite more closely with the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, and with the strong leadership of the Regional Party Committee, have committed themselves to building Guangxi into a magnificent socialist region with Chinese characteristics for a new era, so as to welcome the 20th national Congress of the CPC with outstanding achievements!The strong riring and unwavering commitment to the law has strongly supported the guiding principle of “stability” and the pursuit of progress while maintaining stability. With economic construction as the center and supply-side structural reform as the main line, the economy has been steadily promoting a combination of reasonable quantitative growth and steady improvement in quality, with a view to achieving high-quality economic development.(8) It is hoped that the young writers will cherish this field of experiment, break a new track of their own and not stick to one pattern, so as to mould the image of China and spread the sound of China by committing themselves to strong and rigorous work.Du Housecoopers, former chief editor of Language and Characters Daily