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Recently, Jiangbei police station of Jinghong City Public Security Bureau carried out prevention and control patrols during the Spring Festival. When they were on a night patrol in Shuangjing, West of Gaozhuang, they found two men arguing violently.After understanding, because brigade takes a photograph to pull a visitor to have quarrel to produce contradiction dispute.The police then brought the two men back to the police station for processing, and communicated with both sides patiently. After the police patient mediation, both sides realized their mistakes and finally shook hands after apologizing to each other.02 Menga Police Station in Menghai County Public Security Bureau with adhere to the dedication of the New Year, with the responsibility to protect peace, the Spring Festival I am on duty, peace “do not close”.Meng a police station strictly implement the leadership class system, all the auxiliary police to fulfill their duties, fulfill their duties, to maintain the peace and stability of the area.Carry out multi-point patrols, strengthen patrols in key places and areas under the jurisdiction, fully control the prominent problems existing in street security, and prevent and control the occurrence of various illegal and criminal cases under the jurisdiction.Urban police stations in Mengla Autonomous Prefecture have been patrolling rental houses and fireworks shops during the Spring Festival.Conscientiously maintain the public order of the Spring Festival, ensure social and public safety, further strengthen the administration of rented houses, fireworks and firecrackers in the jurisdiction.In the inspection, the police on each rental housing seriously nuclear, the owner, lessee information according to law and regulations for registration, verification;To the majority of the area of the public publicity of fire knowledge and burning requirements, to buy fireworks and firecrackers in the area of the public safety publicity.Peace is an eternal theme shu shu they give up reunite with their families and give up their small family gu everyone stick to their posts to protect peace as long as the family reunion everything is worth……Source | Quanzhou Public Security Organ press Office editor | Xie Danyang Yang Simin audit | Zhang Yu