The four rhymes of Song Tea: harmony, virtue, elegance and novelty

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Zhejiang news client Chen Yonghao Xu Jijun tea garden scene.Zhejiang news client reporter Wang Jianlong photo tea, from China, to the world.The extensive and profound Chinese tea culture has always been closely connected with the Chinese culture, sharing weal and woe. It is the precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation and an important cultural gene and spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation.Tea culture in song Dynasty has formed a unique and distinctive feature in the transformation and prosperity of the long river of Chinese tea culture, which has exerted a great influence not only on the Chinese tea culture later and even today, but also on the Tea ceremony in Japan and the tea ceremony in Korea.The rhyme of Song tea is an important part of song culture.Excavating and discovering the valuable value of song tea culture in today’s and future development, and making contributions to national prosperity, social progress, cultural development and people’s better life through creative transformation and innovative development, this is the real purpose of our in-depth study of Song tea culture and song culture, and inheriting its essence.In song Dynasty tea culture, the first thing to pay attention to is “harmony” rhyme.”Harmony” has always been regarded as the core principle of self-cultivation and family governance in traditional Chinese culture.Song Dynasty emphasis on the text and harmony, pay attention to absorb inclusive, has a strong sense of integration, whether it is the summary of previous cultural relics and laws and regulations, or systematic arrangement of the historical documents of the dynasty, or editing all kinds of standard “French”, all such.Rulers are the typical example of establishing the central position of Confucianism, but does not exclude both Buddhism and Taoism in the teaching, to fuse absorb as far as possible, so that Confucianism to keep pace with The Times, has a broader audience base, make the literary intelligentsia of a refined, sophisticated life with a new life and cultural concept with the citizen stratum, formation of tolerance and harmonious social atmosphere.The construction of neo-Confucianism is the most important symbol of song Dynasty culture.In the territory of China, the Song Dynasty is a special period in Chinese history.The Song ended the chaos of the “Five Dynasties and Ten States”, realized the basic unification and stability of the country, and existed side by side with the liao, Xi Xia, Jin and other minority states for a long time.Especially in this period, the song dynasty, although narrowed on geography, but in the map of Chinese civilization has extended greatly than such as han dynasty, many ethnic minorities, it not only affects the frontier also deeply affect the culture development of north Korea, South Korea, Japan, today also in southeast Asia, South Asia, west Asia, big or small influence of civilization.Tea and tea culture have played an irreplaceable role in the communication and integration of various ethnic groups in the border areas and neighboring countries.In foreign economic and cultural exchanges, tea came later than silk and porcelain. Since the Song Dynasty, the journey of maritime tea, silk and porcelain has greatly influenced the world and fed Back China.All rivers run into sea.To carry forward the spirit of tea and the world and draw lessons from the successful experience of “going out” of Song Tea is of rich ideological and nutritional value and profound historical reference for us to strengthen the identity of Chinese culture and build a community with a shared future for mankind.China is a multi-ethnic country, every nation is the family of the Chinese nation and children, although show the features of their own cultural customs and habits, but since the ancient times with tea drinking tea has become one of the big same-rooted with pulse identification, especially to the contemporary, Chinese tea (frontier minority) drinks, while tea (black tea) han drink is very common, cultural exchanges to promote ethnic blending blending of communication,Enhance national unity, tea culture reveals its unique charm and function.Hand stir-fried tea.Secondly, song tea culture also contains the “de” rhyme.A person without virtue will not stand, and a country without virtue will not prosper. This is the experience that history has left us and the warning that The Times have given us.The song Dynasty attaches great importance to the rule of literature and morality.Hu is “to serve the next, the benefit of one party,” fan zhongyan’s “sorrow and the sorrow of the world, before the world of joy but joy”, zhang zai’s “for the world heart, to the o life, for wan shikai, is peaceful”, yue fei tohave “loyalty”, wen tianxiang, “everyone must die, and return contemplated firebombing according to historical records”, etc., are all poets in the monument in the heart, admired by later generations.From the Song Dynasty, the Chinese tea Ceremony formed a strong characteristic of personalization, which further carried forward lu Yu’s thought of “frugality and frugality” in the Tang Dynasty. It emphasized tea products, tea virtues and tea nature, which actually referred to moral character, human morality and human nature. If virtue is not good, even tea is not worthy of drinking, let alone other things.At that time, a lot of tea culture was also integrated into the traditional etiquette and folk customs, which were the ceremony of offering tea, promoting the virtue of heaven and humanity, and bringing out the beauty of the soul.Nowadays, Chinese tea culture has inherited this excellent tradition. It not only plays the role of tea in helping people’s health, but also emphasizes the role of tea culture in educating people and moral education.Today, when the construction of beautiful China into a new era theme, the pursuit of a better life, meet the goodness of life, tea and tea to extracted from the tea culture of song dynasty “, “rhyme essence, to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, conservation of socialist core values, was cast for the ents Chinese soul, its function and meaning, should not be underestimated.Song Dynasty tea culture is rich in “elegant” rhyme.”Elegance” is one of the fundamental standards of cultural products, which requires both “elegance” and “magnanimity”.”Refined taste” is elegant taste, the opposite is vulgar taste, they are related to form, but by no means the same, the decisive is still “content is king”.For example, in literary works, “elegant words” can also expose low interest, and “vulgar words” can also express elegant sentiment.This is true of painting, sculpture, music, dance, crafts, and so on.”Magnanimity” is tolerance, tolerance of cultural product diversity, encourage innovation.The supply of cultural products should not only promote improvement, but also promote popularization.Need both “high and white snow” and “lower liba people”.In the Song Dynasty, tea products, tea drinks, tea utensils, tea literature and art presented a situation of refinement and popularization, complementing each other.Dragon tuan feng cake and steamed green loose tea peer, the upper leading atmosphere and the public drinking convenient combination;The elegant taste of tea sharing and tea fighting and the diversified interaction of “Tea opera” combine drinking while playing with drinking while playing;Tea utensils five famous kiln tribute and the north and south thousands of kiln mouth side by side, the combination of official kiln and civilian kiln;Tea literature and art are complementary to tea folk customs, and elegant culture is combined with common culture.All these effectively accelerated the popularization and improvement of tea culture and jointly pushed the Tea culture of song Dynasty to the peak of Chinese history.Today, China has entered the comprehensive well-off society, is striding forward to the comprehensive modernization, in the people’s material life has improved greatly in time, the satisfaction of the spiritual life and improve seems particularly urgent, from a song of tea culture, rhyme, the rhyme, rhyme, etc, extract “elegant” rhyme, and push “refined taste”, to “magnanimity” to “refined taste” perfect “magnanimity”, so,Only in this way can we provide the public with more and better “nourishing and long spirit” cultural fine works, more and better promote cultural construction, jointly promote the integration of excellent Traditional Chinese culture with the spirit of The Times, and create new advantages of contemporary culture.Hangzhou Longjing tea picking busy.At the same time, we can also see a “new” rhyme from song tea culture.With the transformation of The Times and the internal troubles and external troubles, the early and middle periods of the Song Dynasty were characterized by seeking a foothold in the reform and innovation and seeking development, and had outstanding innovative measures and achievements in the political system, ideological and academic, literature and art, science and technology and social customs.Especially in the field of science and technology, the Song Dynasty accounted for three of China’s four world-famous Brilliant dynasties, and almost all the fields of traditional Chinese science and technology left significant innovative achievements in the Song Dynasty.Song Dynasty tea culture is exactly the same.In tea making, the steamed green tea developed from the Tang Dynasty to the more delicate pressed pattern dragon and Phoenix tea, which became the origin of brick tea and cake tea in later generations.At the same time, steamed green loose tea was developed, yellow tea and dark tea also began to sprout, which became the precursor of the diversification of tea production and consumption.Imperial palace rich chasing dragon group phoenix cake, ordinary people enjoy loose tea rough tea, innovation tolerance, each in their proper place.In terms of the tea making method, the Song Dynasty succeeded the previous dynasties in discussing tea and tribute tea, but the system design was more elaborate, which stimulated the production and consumption of tea and tea culture.In the tea ceremony, it has created unique and exquisite aesthetic tastes such as “ordering tea” and “sharing tea”, which has effectively promoted the tea culture to go deep into the society and to the folk.On tea sets, the era of specialized production of tea utensils is opened, and the emergence of new specialized tea utensils such as soup bottles, tea whisks, tea chasses, wooden lacquer cup holders, etc., leads the historical trend of specialized production of tea utensils.In terms of tea literature and art, poetry and prose have taken on a new look, exerting a great influence on the popularity of tea culture at that time and later generations.Innovation in all aspects of the Song Dynasty also contained an important feature, which was to hit the new practicability.No matter it is economic system and production, or ideological and academic, scientific and technological, and way of life, the purpose of innovation is to apply to the world, and the same is true in tea production, tea drinking methods, tea trade, tea making methods and other aspects.From the ancient river of Song Tea culture to the current river of Song rhyme culture, we should constantly inherit and innovate, face the life of The Times, integrate the spirit of The Times, shoulder the mission of The Times, and rush forward.