27 point victory, Doncic milestone!God shot meritorious service, the Lone Ranger 2 consecutive wins!Jason Kidd lost his love

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After finishing the road trip with a big win, the Mavericks returned home to face the Pacers again.The Mavericks, doncic + Boshen + Brunson three major players ready to play, the team has home court advantage, coach Jason kidd is also ready to lead the team to win 2 in a row.On the pacers’ side, Carlisle returns to American Airlines Center, and the pacers can withstand the pressure, sabonis and Le Vell obviously need to perform.But after four quarters, the home Mavericks outscored the Pacers 12-3 in the first half, leading by as many as 12 points.In addition, after coming back in the second half, the Mavericks seized the lead in the third quarter and opened up to 24 points, which also made the last quarter early into the garbage time.The Mavericks beat the Pacers 132-105 at home, winning their second straight game and handing the pacers a 27-point rout.Playing at home, the Mavericks will live up to expectations, scoring in double figures with six players in multiple points and an all-player team performance.In brunson + Kloebel + Powell + Josh Green and other main forces, each of the circumstances, the team’s core Doncic, as well as the sharpshooter Reggie Braddock play, is particularly critical!Doncic played both defense and offense, scoring a game-high 30 points on 12-of-21 shooting and four 3-pointers in 30 minutes. He added six rebounds, 12 assists, one steal and two blocks.In the first quarter, he scored 14 points in a single quarter, not only helped the Mavericks smoothly opened the situation, but also became difficult to solve the existence of the Pacers!More importantly, after scoring 30 points in the game, Doncic’s career total points, also officially passed 6000, ushered in a career milestone moment!Of course, the Mavericks were able to win this game, braddock off the bench, also contributed to the performance.Bullock was efficient, shooting more than 70% from the field on 8-of-11 shooting in 22 minutes off the bench. He hit six 3-pointers, 23 points, three rebounds and one steal, and didn’t commit a turnover.And he in the second quarter, 5 of 5 shots, the key performance, is completely disrupted the Pacers defense rhythm and deployment, successfully affected the trend of the game!But for the Mavericks, who just won 2 in a row, and coach Jason kidd, considering hardaway’s injury, as well as this game’s injury, have to say, kidd is also a big loss.On the other hand, the Pacers, the team was comprehensively suppressed on both ends of the game, and finally swallowed the 27-point rout of the game performance, obviously also remains to be studied.After all, in sabonis, Le Vell, Duarte, Duane Washington and other main forces, the continuation of the stable performance of the situation, the two tigers will be Justin Holiday + Craig this battle play, really some unsatisfactory!Justin Holiday was off his game, starting 23 minutes, shooting 3-of-9 from the floor and missing his target on 7-of-7 3-pointers.And against the Mavericks, Carlisle very much valued Craig is not at all, the game 0-for-4 did not score, on both ends of the defense did not continue the previous state!Obviously, in the face of the lineup strength and depth of the stronger Mavericks, this service is short of soldiers, while it is the away battle of the Pacers, it seems that can only reluctantly accept the reality of the loss.