He is cold on the surface, but in fact he is surly and cruel. He forcibly imprisons her for life

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Hello everyone, meet you again!We all know that there are many kinds of novels: ancient words, now words, quick wear, youth, campus…But in the process of chasing books will also appear the phenomenon of book shortage, so this small edition to recommend you a few super good-looking novels.Don’t miss it!This issue recommend: Disease Jiao: “disease pet heart tip candy” his surface is cold, actually surly Yin malicious, forcibly imprison her whole life first “love and disease Jiao” author: cherry VC brief introduction: Peony dream qiao is who?Yuyang little overlord.Just a chance meeting, and I’ve been thinking about Josh ever since.Never forget, can there be echoes?Josh doesn’t like people like qiao Meng, who are paranoid, domineering, possessive and controlling.Just happened to meet, be remembered, can escape?Great thing: “Go lower.”Joshi obedient bow, Li Min put the paper wet to Joshi’s hand, “there.”Josh took it and slowly wiped her eyes. She had just closed her eyes quickly, but she saw wang wen just as he brought the bowl, but she was blocked by the bar of the chair behind, otherwise she would not have fallen and could have opened the bowl.At least it’s cabbage soup from the canteen.Little oil and salt to almost nothing!After rubbing several times, she opened her eyes tentatively and felt a pang of pain.She wiped again with her eyes closed.Li Min changed a piece of paper for her and looked at Josh. She glanced in the mirror unintentionally. Li Min’s heart beat violently.She looked back quickly and continued to watch Josh wipe his eyes.Qiao Meng’s gaze was too strong. He was tall and had an ineffable and fierce quality, and his gaze was fixed on Josh, though only at the back of his head.Li Min passed it to her, teasing: “Is not this oil also not how much ah?”Jokingly, she took Josh’s paper and threw it in the trash.Josh shot back, “Yeah, more and I’d be in the hospital!”Then she stood up and opened her eyes, a blurry picture of the world after she had trampled them.The second “his blindly sweet” author: eight big cat introduction: Oh, to say this xu jia yao female, that is not a good stubble.One day, in court.Ji er Ye in court!”The court below six row number three Miss Xu, the crime is extremely wicked!””Two surname marriage, a contracting party, whitehead permanent knot, match with say.”Exciting content: Downstairs Xu Fei returned to the booth late, drank half a cup of mojito to long xu Xu.”You drink slowly.”Hua Manman reminds her that such a rare name is still so cute, but ren is a senior editor, and the authors under his contract are the most famous writers of the moment.Hua jia is doing foreign trade export business, worthy of the rich family, hua Jia is so a daughter spoil not.”She’s depressed, and I’m depressed, too.”Song Na na carried sentence, expression is not depressed, but bright daze write ‘hair flower crazy’ three words, “you are not see, special inspection is really the best on earth.”Hua Man does not believe, “I do not comment on your aesthetic, whether you said so good, I still believe late late.””Besides, it has nothing to do with you. I have heard that the Prosecutor’s Office has sent back a very powerful special prosecutor, who is known for his unselfishness and incorruptibility. I am sure that she will get justice for her.”Xu Fei late is not love the character of the bar, the mood is bad just about the sisters out for entertainment, picked up the conversation.Oh, there is no justice.”Violence, coercion, cajole, the usual methods of rich families, the local elite of the capital, it is fair to say, perhaps now…”She is not believe ji Jingzhi, heard that a few suspects especially arrogant, a strong background, the relationship is hard enough, by the name of the lawyer will be able to do everything.I don’t care about a single life.Ji Jingzhi had just been transferred back from another province, and perhaps did not know the situation in the capital.The 3rd “sick pet heart tip candy” author: more than whale falls disease jiao: “sick pet heart tip candy” his surface is cold, actually surly Yin malicious, forcibly imprison her whole life introduction: so many years, what prop up Tang Mirror to live is the death of her mother, it is Shen Feast later.She has been exploring the criminal motives of people, and eventually turned herself into a psychopath.”You have no illness, I happen to have.”Rejected by her courtship, Shen held her tightly.Great thing: “I wonder if two wrongs make a right.”Said, Tang Mirror really immersed in meditation.So far she had not met anyone or anything interesting, except the man who was holding her.”Why don’t you try and see if we can get a super positive baby from negative contact?”Shen’s warm breath flapped at her ears.If it goes on like this, I might lose my helmet.Or should not be too softhearted too lucky, at the beginning and chi Jingxing married words, now will not have such a terrible moth has been sticking to their own.”Rest assured, not with me, no civil affairs bureau has the courage to give you marriage registration.”Tang Mirror is a mood does not show the person, but Shen Banquet this scourge can see what she is thinking at any time.Tang mirror really want to stick a small red flower to his forehead on the spot.I am sorry that I did not know that Shim s connections are all over the country.Tang mirror twisted the body, found a comfortable posture nest in shen Banquet arms.”No.”Shen Banquet does not take a trace of hesitation expressed opposition, “I am just at ordinary times the fairy worship more.”There was no way to continue this conversation today.This is the end of the recommendation, what do you think?Pay attention to small make up don’t get lost, if you like can also leave a message in the comment area!Sweet pet: Lu Zhanting remembered that his daughter-in-law was sick and drowsy recently in the meeting, and he shouted: Break up the meeting, not to open. Sweet pet: Everyone knows lu Bo yan is not close to women, I did not expect that after marriage, even the company will not go!Xi Xing another ancient language was blown, super “Precious Flower Zhi” “Enter the Hall”, 9.7 points hegemony list ancient pet: “tyrant daddy’s group pet small jiao bao” Nuonuo cry?Twenty-eight brothers shook their heads!Three novels in and out of marriage: The Best Words written by a retired female soldier vs a spoiled unitary son