Huilong Community: Anti-drug awareness campaign

2022-04-25 0 By

In order to continuously promote the in-depth development of the anti-cult work in our community, further strengthen the anti-cult propaganda work, and create a harmonious and stable social environment, on the morning of March 15, our community carried out the anti-cult knowledge publicity activity downstairs in the office, and publicized the anti-cult knowledge to the local residents.This activity to set up the cult display boards, distribute flyers manner, the community staff explained the country to the residents of the masses against the cult of the relevant laws, regulations and policies, is to let people from essentially identify cult, and urge you to set up believe science, resist evil beliefs, consciously take part in the activities to the cult.Through this publicity activity, the residents have strengthened their awareness of self-prevention and anti-cult consciousness, and laid the foundation for creating a good social atmosphere and building a harmonious community.A total of more than 100 copies of promotional materials were distributed.