Jingjin Equipment (603279.SH) : Raised the share repurchase price ceiling to no more than 50 yuan per share

2022-04-25 0 By

Golonghui February 8th, Jingjin Equipment (603279.SH) announced that due to the recent capital market situation and changes in the company’s stock price, the company’s stock price has exceeded the buyback price limit of 30.31 yuan/share.Based on the firm confidence in the sustainable development of the company’s business and in order to ensure the smooth implementation of this share buyback, the Company intends to adjust the upper limit of the share buyback price from LESS than RMB 30.31 / share (inclusive) to less than RMB 50 / share (inclusive).The price shall not exceed 150% of the average trading price of the company’s shares in the 30 trading days prior to the adoption of the resolution on adjusting the Price Ceiling of repurchased Shares by the Board of Directors.In addition to the above adjustments, the other contents of the share buyback plan did not change.According to the “buyback Report”, the total fund of the share buyback shall be no less than 100 million yuan (inclusive) and no more than 200 million yuan (inclusive).Until the announcement disclosure date, the company has repurchased 7,085,423 shares in total through the Trading system of Shanghai Stock Exchange through centralized bidding, and paid a total fund of about 162 million yuan (excluding transaction fees such as stamp duty and transaction commission), which has reached the lower limit of repurchase stipulated in the Repurchase Report.After adjusting the price ceiling of repurchased shares, the total amount of repurchased shares shall be capped at 200 million yuan (inclusive). After deducting the paid funds of about 162 million yuan (excluding transaction costs such as stamp duty and transaction commission), it is estimated that there are about 761,849 shares that can be repurchased based on the price ceiling of 50 yuan per share.The proportion of the company’s total issued share capital is 0.1850%.The number of shares repurchased shall be subject to the number of shares actually repurchased upon expiration of the repurchase period.