Single: Zhiyan keeps a date to visit her boyfriend’s restaurant!Bring a light bulb.

2022-04-25 0 By

South Korea variety show “single is hell” pair out 4 couples, among them Wen Shixun hard after Shen Zhiyan, finally touched the woman’s heart, the other party also promised to visit the restaurant opened by the man.And zhi Yan abides by promise recently, still take two big electric bulb beside nevertheless, one of them is actually the rival in the love in the program!According to an INSTAGRAM post posted by Kim Hyeon-joong yesterday (15), a male participant in the show, the restaurant he clocked in at “Only Go” is owned by Moon Se-hoon, and the two beautiful women who went with him are two female contestants on the show, Shin Ji-yeon, and Sung Min-ji, who joined the show late in the show.Seong min-ji also posted a time-limited update on IG. The three people were suspected to have been drinking tea in a cafe and then going to Only Go. The three people also took a photo together, but unfortunately moon did not appear in the photo.Interestingly, As soon as Cheng Minzhi joined the program, she locked Wen Shihun, but Wen was bent on shen Zhiyan, and then Shen and Wen paired successfully, Cheng Minzhi can be said to be with “rival in love” went to the restaurant party of the boy.After the airing of “Single Is Hell,” viewers were curious about their relationship progress. In a recent interview, Moon Was asked if his children would watch the show and his mother would also watch it.Moon se-hoon replied, “I will see it. I saw it, Dad…But maybe why was mother there?”Perhaps because his answer was too obvious, Moon later said, “Is that good?Will there be too many Revelations today?”The visitor says, “I’ll show you the edited version, and you can choose the last time.”Moon replied, “Ji-yeon should have gone to sleep at that time…Twelve o ‘clock.”Making fans think the two should have a relationship after the show.