To be certain in an uncertain age

2022-04-25 0 By

It is true that the present situation is riddled with uncertainties, some of which are completely unexpected and cannot be delineated or imagined by any amount of imagination, but reality has also occurred.In uncertain times like these, all we can do is remain certain.It’s not about our strategic focus, it’s about our position in the bakery industry.Deep cultivation baking training, every day in the thinking and operation of such a format, self-improvement and students and customers to promote, so that in such a rank can be carried out normally, to maintain a certain and stable, of course, this is to pay a lot of hard work and labor.My understanding of baking training rules is becoming clearer and richer, and I have a clear plan and setting for each step to ensure that the operation is carried out in a normal state.There are two things to make sure of. The certainty is obvious. It wasn’t easy, I should say, but we did it, and that’s good.bread