Common problems and misunderstandings about decompression include the decompression of compressed packages

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– graphic tutorials – a, 1, how to download and install the software in the first place in the public find you want to download software, point after go in, find the network location to download address below 2, the network location address paste in the computer browser address bar 3, pop up the box, enter the extraction in the code below 4, you can click or at this time.If you choose, you will store the file to your own web disk, and then open the baidu web disk client of your computer – log in your own account – find the stored file – click download can be 5, if you click, will pop up baidu web disk client, and then click download directly.If you do not open membership, the speed may be relatively slow.For commonly used software, you can also go to QQ group: 154870507, group file download.6, download 7, in the transfer completed, open the right side of the file location, and then unzip, install.Close the anti-virus software before decompressing 8. Close the anti-virus software before decompressing.To unzip, right click on the package and unzip to…Unzip the file and you can install it.9. Some software should be run as a right-click administrator when running the activator.70% of youyou activation failed because you did not turn off antivirus and did not right-click the administrator to run the activator.This will prompt the compressed package is damaged.Because he is in the network disk client double-click open the compression package, so it is certainly not possible.The correct way to do this is to download the zip package to your computer and then unzip it as described above.In the picture, Youyou opened the url on my link, and the page input extraction code popped up. When the extraction code was entered, the blank interface as shown in the picture below appeared.Click on the red circle and open it with your computer’s browser, not wechat’s.Wechat browser is unable to pop up baidu web disk client.Or save the file to his account, and then open baidu network disk client, find the file to download.A message is displayed indicating that the compressed file is damaged after being decompressed.In this case, you can try to restore the compression package using the repair function of the compression software.In the start menu in the lower left corner, find your decompression software, mine is WinRAR open and find the compression package, click on the repair in the upper right corner, click OK after this prompt appears, click close at this time, find this people.exe.File, decompression can be as the above interface, youyou will directly double-click the compression package, and then click a XXx. exe file to install, finally found unable to install, because the file is not decompressed, because it is in the decompression software to open a single file.There is also no option to run the software as an administrator when you right-click on the screen.The correct operation is to right-click the package to be decompressed, and then decompress the package.