Handan Municipal Network information Office held “Network information Lecture Hall” and “We media” representatives Welcome spring symposium

2022-04-26 0 By

Recently, handan Municipal Network information office held “network information hall” and “since media” representatives welcome the Spring symposium, convey the spirit of the provincial and municipal two sessions, and strengthen positive publicity, strong Spring Festival atmosphere, create a good network environment for discussion and exchange.Municipal Network information Office deputy director Li Jin chaired the meeting and speech.The meeting stressed that the majority of “we media” practitioners, one should focus on the center, build consensus, in serving the overall situation of the city, demonstration and drive the city’s “we media”, draw concentric circles online and offline.Second, we must keep to the bottom line, operate, and use the Internet in accordance with the law, maintain good order in online communication, and create a clean cyberspace.Third, we should strengthen our sense of responsibility, innovate and make breakthroughs, actively participate in the network public welfare, create more and better network high-quality goods, and continue to contribute wisdom and strength to the construction of network civilization in the New Year.Source: handan