Hwang Dae-heon foul Korea has been appealing!Famous note: Nationalism is the most disgusting thing in the world

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The Competition of Beijing Winter Olympic Games has been the focus of attention.Similarly, because of the arrival of the Winter Olympics, Gu Ailin’s popularity has reached an unprecedented height.Such gu Ailing is a very fierce person, no matter the level of personal appearance, or figure, or strength, are impeccable.Perhaps the most contentious issue for her is her nationality.Such a thing is still a mystery.Again, this is one of the reasons why so many people are talking about her.Besides Gu, Ren Ziwei’s popularity and attention are not as high as Gu’s, but he still has two gold MEDALS in hand, so what?He is also extremely popular. He was disqualified from the gold medal because of foul play in the 1500 meter race.Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea won the gold medal in such an event.Interestingly, in the 1000m race, it was Hwang dae-heon who fouled and Yim won.Such 2 people, in the short track speed skating of these two projects, give a person a kind of peerless double arrogant feeling.It seems fair and reasonable.However, this is unacceptable to South Korea.And because of that, they’ve been petitioning.To what?Appeal hwang dae-heon’s foul problem, they believe, Hwang did not foul.Is there any progress in this matter?According to Yonhap news agency, International Skating Union (ISU) president Jan Dikema said in a video interview with the South Korean delegation at the request of 9, the existing position of not accepting the appeal of the South Korean side, maintain the original decision.Such an attitude should have been the last word.Unfortunately, The South Korean side is not satisfied with this. It has repeatedly complained that the decision in the men’s 1,000-meter speed skating quarterfinal held on July 7 was unfair and could worsen relations.Such a view, give a person a kind of puzzling feeling.Similarly, it also gives people a feeling of lack of tolerance.In this regard, wang Qinbo, a famous athlete, said frankly, “# ISWF insists not to accept The Appeal of South Korea # IN 2002, FIFA seriously protected South Korea.South Korea took advantage of the game, but did not know how to keep a low profile. It complained to The Chinese media through official channels, saying that the Chinese media criticized the referee for damaging china-South Korea relations.South Koreans have proved that nationalism is the worst thing in the world.I wonder if Koreans had the courage to complain to the French and British media through diplomatic channels in 2002.This is one of his attitudes and views.In this regard, if you pay attention to the Practice of South Korea over the years, there will certainly be a sense of empathy.After all, this is not the first time that South Korea has been so stubborn, especially in some competitive sports, where their ability to mess with others is still very strong.You don’t seem able to say much more about it this time, even if the authorities don’t want to admit it.After all, the scholar meets the soldier, that also is rational also speak not clear.There should be no suspense about this.Hwang Dae-heon foul Korea has been appealing!Famous note: Nationalism is the most disgusting thing in the world.Such remarks are objective and to the point.In any case, for the South Korean side of such a practice, a lot of people are sneering.Do you agree or disagree?