Is jiang Kun’s calligraphy of 11 square feet worth it?

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Jiang Kun, born in 1950, is a national first-class actor, member of Chinese Calligrapher’s Association, crosstalk performing artist and chairman of Chinese Quyi artists’ Association.Jiang Kun’s father is jiang Zuyu, a recognized calligrapher in China’s calligraphy circle. Influenced by his father jiang Zuyu, Jiang Kun studied calligraphy from an early age, and was in Ouyang Xun’s jiucheng Palace post.Jiang Kun’s calligraphy works have participated in various national calligraphy exhibitions for many times. He is now a member of Chinese Calligrapher’s Association.It is said that Jiang Kun is not short of money and does not take the initiative to sell words. If someone asks, he usually has eleven thousand square feet.Friends say it’s worth it?Appreciation of some of Jiang Kun’s calligraphy works: Graphic and text: from network editor: Kunyang Shuyuan