Su Yiming gold medal why also fire but Gu Ailing?

2022-04-26 0 By

The most rewarding events of the day were Su Yiming’s men’s snowboard grand jump and Gu Ailing’s women’s freestyle slopestyle.Finally after three rounds of competition, Su yiming won the gold medal with 182.5 points!Gu, who is also the favorite to win the gold medal, got 69.90 points in the first jump, but made a mistake in the second jump and fell on the landing. However, as one of the top players in the world, Gu made a quick adjustment and made a great turnaround in the third jump. Her landing was only 0.03 points less than the first one, and she took the silver medal.One gold medal, one silver medal, contribute to China winter Olympic Games!But after the race, some skating fans noticed that su, who won the gold medal, had far less exposure than Gu, who won the silver medal!Some people question whether there is speculation behind it?Some people have enumerated since the Winter Olympics Guailing fire red hair purple, from mother to education are reported all over, temporarily limelight without two!The same is the creation of Chinese history of Su Yiming is a lot of plain, such a gap is hard to avoid people doubt!But that’s not the case. Gu has become so popular in addition to her excellent skiing skills, such as winning multiple gold MEDALS in other events before the Winter Olympics.There are other factors. First of all, she is an American who became a Chinese citizen. In the international situation of Sino-US conflict, giving up her American citizenship greatly aroused the patriotic feelings of the public.Secondly, in an atmosphere where many Chinese entertainers have quietly transferred to foreign countries, Gu, who is tall and beautiful, with a cheerful smile, has quickly caught the public’s attention.Third Gu Ailing not only excelled in sports, but also excelled in learning ability and level. She is worthy of the name as a student with excellent academic performance, which makes parents and students in the environment of burden reduction see another scene of education.Fourth, blond hair and blue eyes with fluent Chinese, coupled with a strong Chinese flavor of the foodie image is one of the most dazzling Chinese brand.Therefore, Gu’s fire does not need to be hyped. She appears in the right place at the right time and does the right thing. It is hard to avoid being popular because she is loved by thousands of people.Of course, this is a good thing, let those temper and smelly, bad character artists a little pressure, dare not freely squandered public support!Finally, I wish Su Yiming Gu Ailing continue to work hard in the future competition, and then to the success!