@Taiyuan people!From February 14 to 21, taiyuan Youth Palace Performing Arts Center opera show

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The 2022 Shanxi Jin Opera Festival will be held at Taiyuan Youth Palace Performing Arts Center from February 14 to 21, featuring classic Jin opera and eclectic opera.The Spring Festival Opera performance, co-sponsored by Shanxi Art Vocational College and Shanxi Jin Theater, aims to enrich the “Two Festivals” cultural life of provincial people, promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture, display the achievements of stage art creation of Jin opera, and create a good festival atmosphere.February 14, Li Guilian, Sun Hongli and other starring Jin Drama “Beat the Golden Branch”, the plot twists and turns vivid, since the contradiction reflects the great wisdom, with profound philosophy and interest.On February 15th, the special performance of The Jin Opera was held, including the classic opera of “Tou County”, “Empty City Plan”, “Looking forward to The Child” and “Jiaozi”.February 16, Liu Jianping, Feng Bin and other stars in the Jin dynasty drama, The palace of Grain, reproduces the “love and hate” between Wang Baochuan and Xue Pinggui.February 17, jin Opera ziziqu special arranged “Xi Ronghui” “Hand in print” “Two hall house son” “see the capital”.From Feb 18 to 19, the Jin drama “Leopard Cat in Exchange for Prince” will tell a story about the court of the Northern Song Dynasty.February 20, the Special performance of Jin Opera, including “bridal chamber”, “small don’t mother”, “walk the mountain”, “Double dragon play eight immortals” and other eclectic opera.On February 21, the Jin opera “Young People in Our Village” praised the Party, the motherland and the people through the struggle of three generations in Huagang Village, and played the struggle song of rural revitalization.Source: Taiyuan Evening News