The classic game “Emperor of Boxing” female fighters ten thousand years of invariable law, wear thicker but more material

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Who is the most popular female fighter in the King of Fighters series?It is estimated that we will directly say: Ma Gong Athena, I do not know the fire dance, Shermi these people we love to see!The reason!Very simply, their performance in the game is very powerful, and it has nothing to do with how much or how little they wear……!!!!Of course, another reason for their popularity is that they have more fan fiction.SNK always pays a lot of attention to costumes and hairstyles when developing characters, which is why almost every contestant can gain super popularity.Crucially, all female characters have certain attributes that gamers like.Even peaches, which appeared in the relatively unpopular Emperor of Boxing XI, gained a lot of popularity.The King of Boxing, up to 11, used 2D tiles, and the characters were barely visible even in the best shape.Only fire dance, Athena and Shermi regularly show off their figures.Real players don’t give much thought to other characters.When we finally got to see these familiar characters in 3D, it was only then that we realized that many of the characters’ bodies had been underestimated, mostly because they were too wrapped up.Today, let’s take a look at the classic female characters in the King of Fighters series.Mary in senqi building master under the pen, Mary’s dress and dress can be said to be the norm, absolutely will not let a person think slanting.She wears her ex-boyfriend’s coat every time she appears on the stage.At the arcade, we first encountered the character in Hungry.With blond hair and a typical Western face, arm muscles and six-pack abs are clearly visible.It was previously thought that the character was a reference to Dragon Ball # 18, but the original character didn’t seem very similar.However, after coming to King of Fighters, he kept his blond hair, but his face became more Asian.Her muscles disappeared and she became a tall, lovely girl.Not only did Mary’s style change after king of Boxer 13, but her bust size also significantly increased.Perhaps SNK intends to use 3D modeling to perfectly recreate Mary’s measurements.In the early days of The Hungry Wolf, Mary fell into the water and showed her full upper body, but opie wasn’t as dramatic as she is now.Then we realized that we had totally underestimated her.Years later, Mary showed off her perfect figure in Days of Memory.KING is based on Dutch actress Shasgiar, who plays the female bodyguard in “Jump City.”That’s why KING has kept this look since his debut.Plus she is also the owner of the bar, so the dress design above some elements of the waitress.But it is estimated that later players will be more curious, this character clearly wrapped so tightly, how to become the most representative of “Dragon Tiger Fist” popular actor?This brings us to one of the game’s Settings: the clothing explosion system that made KING and Yuriki Sakazaki famous.After king of Fighters 94, the clothbuster system was still in place for a long time until it was removed in later versions.In addition, the official comics of Emperor of Boxer 94 are based on the perspective of a female fighter, so the three are considered the first protagonists.In the manga, KING is no longer a man woman, and Yuriki sakazaki is no longer a girl, both of which can show off their fiery bodies from different angles.The audience feels that no matter how thick they are, they are ready to explode.The material of Yuriki Sakazaki’s sweatpants is almost indistinguishable from silk stockings.Winnie sha the game in the older people’s wife, but in a short time to harvest ultra high popularity.”Hash hash” used to dominate the fear of many people.The change of Vanessa’s image and painting style in the game is the witness of different times, representing the taste of players at every age is quietly changing.The time of initial debut is like this: “Emperor of Boxing 2002UM” is like this “emperor of boxing new wave” is like this: arrived “Emperor of boxing 14″ is like this: for many years has been maintaining amorous feelings ten thousand kinds and charming, the only change is the figure, and 3 girth.By the time of King of Fighters xiv, it looked even younger.Liana Liana is an original character in King of Boxer 97, based on Ayanami Rei from EVA. She has a military temperament, calm and decisive.When she first appeared, it was unlikely that players would have thought much of her.The style already limits the player’s imagination.Leona’s original uniform was tightly wrapped, giving off a sense of decency.By the time of Emperor of Boxer 2002UM, although the original dress was still in place, it was obvious that the waist was showing a bit more flesh than before.”King of Fighters 12″ after the cancellation of Lianna’s coat, directly wearing a tank top on the stage, convenient movement.”King of Fighters # 14” and “King of Fighters # 15” intentionally increased Leona’s breast size and tightened her vest here.You can see all the hot bodies.This is the most perfect image in the minds of players ah!In the Emperor of Fighters comic book, the image of the game is perfectly restored.The most surprising thing is that Vipp can show off her figure even when she is completely wrapped.Do you still like the classic characters from The King of Fighters?Leave a comment in the comments section!I’ll continue that next time.