The skill that hair sends qualitative poor how can you change good shampoo and notice item

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The skin will become black by the sun, the hair will be dried up by the sun, because ultraviolet rays can not only hurt the skin and hair, and more hair will be short of water, so usually should try to avoid the hair by the sun for a long time direct, can wear a hat or wear sunscreen clothes, but the necessary sun is still good.Hair hair poor quality how can become good hair hair poor quality can become good so: it is to stop drift hair, dye hair, perm, these 3 projects harm to hair only and did not nourish;The second is to protect the hair from direct sunlight, can wear a hat or sunscreen clothes;Third, the number of shampoo is not too much, shampoo with weak acid, with hair conditioner after shampoo;Four is to keep the hair clean and dry, do not often wet hair sleep or blow air conditioning fans;Five is to eat more kelp, walnut, sesame and so on, improve the nutritional supplement.Poor hair hair how can good 1, stop floating hair, hair color, perm in barber shop is often see these three projects, for people with poor hair must be stopped, they besides will damage the hair, the hair will not cause any protection, the only advantage is the hair color good-looking easy modelling, but do hurt a hair,So don’t hurt your hair if your hair is bad.2, prevent hair from being sun skin by the sun will turn black, the hair was the sun will be dry, because ultraviolet light can not only wounded skin and hair, and bask in the hair will be lack of water, so at ordinary times should avoid hair by sunshine point-blank, for a long time can wear a hat or wear sunscreen, but necessary in the sunshine is good.3, hair washing skills and matters needing attention the number of times not a lot of hair, three times a week is ok, shampoo with weak acid shampoo, because human hair and hair are weak acid.After washing your hair, use conditioner to maintain your hair. You can also use essential oils and a hair mask once a week to deeply nourish your hair.4, keep your hair clean and dry do not often let the hair wet to sleep, do not go to the fan or air conditioning in the case of not dry, keep your hair clean but also to dry, if the hair is oily, you can use powder to oil, but do not always wash your hair to clean the grease, that reaction will make the hair worse.5, eat more kelp, walnuts, sesame and finally from the diet can also make hair better, such as eating more kelp, walnuts or to hair, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin E, is one of the best ways to improve hair quality, but also conducive to their own health.