This is the flavor of the New Year

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Chinese New Year is a traditional festival, which has been passed down and continued by people around the world.The culture of the year is also changing, developing and enriching with the development of The Times and economy.Perhaps, our own year after year of old, to see the children so eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the year, also naturally thought of their own childhood yearning for the New Year.We have not been like them, no, is more crazy than them chasing the New Year, longing for the New Year, hoping for the year?The twelfth month has arrived, my heart is still not the feeling of the year.It was not until my relatives in my hometown called that I knew that the year was really close to me.Said, the family killed a pig, left me love to eat blood sausage, but also cut lean meat, I have time to go back to take.Brief a few words, immediately remind me of the year, that long lost taste of the year, instantly filled the heart.The Spring Festival in rural areas is very lively, although the tradition is called the New Year’s day, but the preparation process is very long.In the twelfth month into the village each household began to be busy.Sweep houses, steam rice cakes, buy New Year goods, paste Spring Festival couplets…Sometimes sparse firecrackers, always tell you, years near.In fact, in all the preparation process, the most interesting and the most flavor is to kill pig.Home habits, which kill pigs to entertain neighbors, the family will raise two big fat pigs every year, one to sell, one used to kill meat for dinner, part of the Chinese New Year family to eat.I am still excited to recall the scene at that time.On the day of the pig slaughter, many neighbors and relatives would gather at home. Men would set up a pot in the yard and fill it with water.Boiling water was boiling in the pot, and the heat was rising.The children were playing and laughing in the yard.There was a great bustle of women cooking in the house.After the pork is cleaned, cut it into several large POTS and put it into a pot to stew.That white fat slice, that red lean meat, in that time of relative scarcity of material, how attractive ah.When all the food is ready, everyone sits around the table and drinks, talking freely and summarizing the harvest of the past year.We bless each other, the scene is really happy.After dinner, my mother will give the rest of the pig vegetables to the neighbors, the neighbors are very willing to accept.Rural people’s life is really very simple, happy is very simple, rural people’s feelings are quite sincere.I recall the scene at that time still have a feeling of being warm, more moved, moved by the neighbors of the magnanimous feelings, simple friendship.This is the atmosphere and feeling of Chinese New Year when I was a child.