Zero running T03 quicksand powder is less than 80,000 yuan, the endurance of 403km

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Zero run T03 also added quicksand pink, coral orange two body colors.Today, we went to the store to actually take the vehicle is the girl’s heart full quicksand pink zero run T03 400 luxury edition.In addition to its advantages in power and range, zero-run T03 also has certain advantages in vehicle-machine system and intelligent driver assistance system.The zero-running T03 is equipped with 11 ultrasonic radars (front 6 and rear 5), 1 millimeter wave radar, and 1 HD forward view camera. Based on this hardware, T03 can achieve L2 level of autopilot.With a minicar like this, the Zeros ran out of tricks to arm it.Compared with models of the same level, the advantages of zero-run T03 include: high motor power, long endurance, rich functions of vehicle-machine system and leading intelligent configuration.The users who choose this car are not familiar with the zero-run brand, but are simply satisfied with the product power of T03.Users of pure electric minicars who do not choose zero-run T03 may prefer the appearance of other models of the same level, or they may choose models with lower prices, or they may tend to choose models with more space advantages in the same level.Of course, T03’s spatial performance is also at the top of the class.Bring 69800 yuan of above models with line LED day lights bring metal black models Interior color is black + grey bring quicksand pink models Interior color is black + grey + powder bring with the grid lines stitching decorative material imitation leather seats and body with quicksand pink to join, let zero run T03 interior part of the more lively, broke the silence of pure black interior.Zero run T03 interior design can not be said to be superior, but it is the same level of models in the work better, better sense of design.However, in the aspect of vehicle-machine system, zero-run T03 is definitely beyond the level of the same level of models. The next paragraph is dedicated to the vehicle-machine system.T03 adopts dual-screen layout of 8-inch LCD instrument + 10.1-inch LCD central control screen.The function of T03 vehicle machine system is very rich, the valuable thing is that the operation logic of this set of vehicle machine system is not complicated, and the operation will not feel complicated because of many functions.Zero run T03 has three driving modes: standard, Sport and economy, and three steering modes: comfort, standard and Sport.The three steering modes can be switched at any time in the process of stationary and driving, and the strength difference is large, which can meet the different needs of men, women and young drivers.Autohold, body stabilization, pedestrian warning and more are also included in this most commonly used driving Settings menu.Operating the vehicle and machine system can accurately adjust the opening range of the skylight shading curtain.In the zero-run T03 vehicle and machine system, many routine operations can be completed by pointing and sliding the slider, the operation feel is relatively ideal.Let’s look at the following operations: ▲ Headlight height adjustment ▲ charging limit adjustment ▲ Sound system sound field adjustment ▲ Steering wheel with custom function keys through the camera behind pillar A, zero run T03 can detect the driver’s fatigue state.Of course, this feature can be turned off.Lane assistance was not available at the beginning of the zero-range T03, but lane assistance (Beta) has been pushed to users via OTA in subsequent zero-range vehicles.Lane assistance is still under development, but users can already use it.Lane assistance system combined with ACC adaptive cruise function, the vehicle can follow the car on the road with clear lines. Zero-run T03 achieves the promise of L2 autonomous driving.However, it should be noted that this lane assist system is not road center assist, but road departure assist, and the driver still needs to pay attention to actively control the steering when passing the curve.