92-minute kill, 5-6 upset!920 million aircraft carrier down, Messi black face + bow to leave the field

2022-04-27 0 By

Paris Saint-Germain play Nice in the French Cup quarter-final at 4:15 on February 1, Beijing time.Mbappe hit the crossbar and missed the winner in stoppage time. Both sides scored 0-0 in regular time.Messi, Mbappe, Draxler and others scored in the penalty shootout, but Paredes and Xavi Simmons missed, Paris Saint-Germain lost 5-6, the defending champions are out of the last eight.Before the match bild newspaper revealed that Mbappe was set to join Real Madrid this summer in a deal worth 25 million euros after tax.This game, Mbappe did not start, di Maria is in the World Cup qualifier, Messi and Icardi lead the line.Messi wore the number 10 shirt for the first time since joining Greater Paris, as France Cup rules require starters to wear the number 1 to 11.In the first half of the game, Paris Saint-Germain fully controlled the initiative on the field, possession rate of nearly 70%, but only completed 3 shots, incredibly less than Nice 1.Messi in the field some helpless, the only shot was easily confiscated by the other goalkeeper.Seeing unable to break the deadlock, Pochettino did not sit still, Palades and Mbappe have appeared on the bench.A skirmish broke out in the 75th minute when Kimpumbe took down an opponent in the penalty area, which the referee chose to ignore and messi was thrown to the ground.Perhaps the play is not satisfactory, Messi in the field is always tight expression, even direct black face.Suarez had previously revealed messi was not used to the cold in Paris and could not rule out leaving after this season.In the 90th minute, Messi’s volley from inside the penalty area was blocked by a defender who suspected handball, but the referee did not react.The 92nd minute, Paris Saint Germain corner to the back point, Mbappe small Angle shot hit the crossbar, both sides regular time kick 0-0!Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe scored in the penalty shootout, but Paredes and Xavi Simmons missed, as Paris Saint-Germain lost 6-5 and went straight out of the last eight.Paris Saint-Germain’s defence of their title came to an abrupt end and they missed out on a third straight French Cup title.See this scene, Messi only left speechless, the great Paris star bowed his head to leave the court.Pochettino lost the Ligue 1 title last season, lost the French Cup this season, and even became the 16th man of 16. Fans say he has turned an aircraft carrier worth 920 million into a fishing boat.Coming up in the champions League quarter-finals, PSG can’t afford to lose, and if they are knocked out by Real Madrid, their season will be defined as a failure.