A number of supermarket chains insist on 10 kinds of household dishes “two prices do not rise”

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On February 13, north green news reporter visited wumart, supermarket, carrefour supermarket chain, found that snow weather didn’t bring great influence to vegetable prices, the major supply chain super vegetables, fruit is enough, and still insist on 10 masters of cooking “two” does not go up, prices rose during the Spring Festival, not price increases, the lunar year-on-year rise in price.According to the municipal bureau of commerce, in the price control of household dishes, chain supermarkets through the “two do not rise” activities to suppress market prices.Selected cucumbers, tomatoes and other 10 household vegetables with greater demand, since the campaign began on January 29 (the 27th day of the twelfth lunar month), as of February 6 (the sixth day of the first lunar month), a total of 3,286.84 tons of sales, with an average price of 9.78 yuan/kg, a year-on-year decline of 9.94%,Effectively driving the city’s retail end of the average vegetable prices during the Spring Festival synchronous decline.According to wu Meiyu Bridge store general manager Lu Jie introduced, the current supermarket on tomatoes, cucumbers, leeks, Chinese cabbage, celery, spinach, rape, round eggplant and other ten kinds of price limit vegetable prices remain unchanged, has continued to February 15.At present, all stores of Wumart have made preparations for various kinds of livelihood commodities, epidemic prevention materials and emergency transfer of goods. The amount of stock in the city has increased 200% compared with normal times, and the supply is expected to increase by more than 15% year-on-year during this Spring Festival.At the shuangyushu branch of the supermarket, 10 kinds of limited-price dishes are also selling like hot cakes.Since January 28, the supermarket has sold 300 tons of 10 limited-price dishes.Zhao Meng, executive vice president of Beijing supermarket, said that price protection activities have played an obvious role in suppressing vegetable prices at retail terminals.According to introducing, snow will cause certain influence to logistics, in response to the snowfall, supermarket with well in advance, daxing of Beijing suburbs vegetable base farmers has incremental recovery plan, ensure the normal supply of local leafy vegetables, with Inner Mongolia, shandong and other vegetable producers to make logistics arrangements in advance, reduce snow influence on transportation, and increased resistance to store the dispatching reserves of vegetables,Ensure adequate supply and stable prices.Similarly, carrefour said that its stores in Beijing have sufficient inventory, and the supply of necessities such as vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, rice, flour, grain and oil is stable.Take vegetables as an example, Chinese cabbage 0.99 yuan/jin, long white radish 0.99 yuan/jin, potatoes 1.28 yuan/jin and other “household dishes” are loved by consumers, while Chinese toon, pangolin, shepherd’s purse sweet pepper and other spring vegetables have also been listed.It is reported that Carrefour will also coordinate all direct purchasing bases and suppliers of livelihood products nationwide, increase the order quantity, build a smooth supply channel, ensure that there is sufficient stock to cope with the changes in market demand, and continue to ensure the stability of market prices.To cope with the snowfall this weekend, carrefour stores have been fully staffed to increase offline services and online capacity.The relevant person in charge of Beijing municipal bureau of commerce, said this year the Spring Festival is affected by the winter Olympic Games special control requirements and epidemic factors superposition, but after a city business bureau and the city’s various supply enterprise’s efforts, Beijing vegetable wholesale price, retail price and price of 10 kinds of masters of cooking “two” does not go up, daily necessities supply stable and orderly market.In terms of the regulation of daily necessities, the municipal government added 6,000 tons of vegetables, 2,160 tons of frozen chicken and 750 tons of eggs during the Spring Festival.Article/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Li Jia photo/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Fu Ding editor/Li Xiaomeng