Hunan: Hengyang City traffic police detachment captain Duan Zhengwen line hengyang County brigade road to carry out the Spring Festival security action

2022-04-27 0 By

The countdown to the annual Spring Festival travel rush has begun, and the party’s 20th National Congress is just around the corner.Late for the best travel, road traffic safety management work for the party’s great victory at 20 to lay the road traffic environment, hengyang county public security bureau traffic police brigade in accident prevention “reduction control” as the center, with dense traffic problems pernicious disease focus, and communities in a clampdown closely around the “accident, in addition to the hidden danger, security, open” the main line, for two weeks to give up a weekend holiday,Struggle in the first line of road to rectify illegal, dredge and protect smooth.In the morning of February 20, the city traffic police detachment captain Duan Zhengwen sank to hengyang County brigade line, with the people on duty, auxiliary police synchronous traffic violations centralized rectification action, Hengyang County brigade commander Yang Meng, deputy chief Moydan, four senior police chief Liu Yasheng accompanied to carry out work.In a squadron of jurisdiction, Duan Zheng Wen Yixing talking to people on duty, the auxiliary police kind, listened to the Spring Festival period during the drunken driving, and “SanChao a fatigue”, illegal manned the key work report, the supervision inspection, the police deployed, service for law enforcement, accident prevention, such as working condition, the hengyang county brigade, auxiliary police s home, all the people, for everyoneFull recognition was given to push forward the Spring Festival transport security action.In the action, Duan Zhengwen and his delegation took the lead in setting an example and personally participated in the road enforcement work with the police.Duan Zheng Wen Yixing a squadron of jurisdiction based on the actual traffic situation, scientific deployment, on-site adjustment of pavement service pattern, increase the key sections, in the key period of patrolling, effectively raise the pertinence, effectiveness, a clampdown on drunk driving, “SanChao a fatigue”, stakeholders involved illegal manned key traffic violations, such as every car will, every breach shall rectify,We will ensure strict regulation and governance of high pressure.While carrying out road enforcement, he also carried out traffic safety propaganda to passing drivers, patiently expounded the serious consequences of common traffic violations, to achieve the effect of “educating one, influencing a group”.In the road enforcement process, Duan Zhengwen stressed: first, to further improve the ideological understanding.The security work of The Spring Festival transportation is a key livelihood work that the superior attaches importance to and the masses pay attention to. We must enhance our sense of urgency and responsibility, earnestly implement the spirit of the Meeting of the Ministry, bureau, province and city traffic management, closely follow the overall goal of “reducing quantity and controlling quantity”, and make every effort to fight the critical battle of the Spring Festival transportation security.Second, we will continue to strengthen road control.We should always focus on the four elements of “people, vehicles, roads and enterprises”, achieve both on-site law enforcement and off-site law enforcement, highlight the control of key sections and key periods, effectively improve the rate of police and charge on the road, and severely crack down on traffic violations such as drunk driving, “three over one fatigue”, involving licenses and licenses, and illegal manned activities.Third, we should carry out the publicity work in an all-round way.It is necessary to deeply integrate the deployment requirements of traffic safety publicity, such as “seven advances” and “Beautiful rural trips”, innovate publicity methods, increase traffic safety publicity, strengthen the popularity of traffic safety laws and regulations, and build a solid defense line of traffic safety from the source.Battalion leader Yang Meng said, Hengyang County brigade all the people, auxiliary police will closely “reduction control big” overall goal, as a result of the concentric force, tenacious struggle, gather force against the end of the Spring Festival transport, for the party’s twenty victory held to lay a smooth, safe, orderly road traffic environment, to the party and the people hand in a satisfactory answer.(Liu Minwei and Deng Yongling)