Iboy using VN successfully hit UZI?The three-punch face and double circle system is not invincible

2022-04-27 0 By

In the recent league e-sports circle, there is such a thing that has become the focus of LPL audience, that is, UZI, once the strongest AD player in LPL and even the world, came back to play. After the news of UZI’s comeback to play, the name of UZI also frequently appeared in the hot list.Even the heat of IG and BLG match reached about 60 million, from which we can see LPL audience’s love for UZI.Although UZI tried his best, he still lost to IG team due to the condition of his teammates and BP. Although UZI made the least mistakes in the match among BLG team, UZI’s evaluation was affected again.And IG team in the defeat of UZI’s face lineup also triggered a lot of discussion on the Internet, even a lot of Internet users said that with Akali and Gwen, any AD could not survive, but unexpectedly, RA AD player IBOY VN hit these people in the face.IBOY using VN successfully hit UZI?In the game between IG and BLG, many netizens think that IG’s lineup is too good, so UZI has no output space. After all, IG’s lineup is akali, who is fat in the single day, and Gwen plus Zhao Xin, who has three strong faces in the last game.Many viewers thought that ADC could not survive with this lineup.However, in a match between RA and LGD, IBOY used his unique hero VN to show the audience that ADC could survive the match if he was good enough. LGD used an aggressive lineup similar to IG’s, with Akali in the middle, Gwen in the top, wild Horse,And the auxiliary is a tree that can provide stable control.After LGD selected this team, many second road commentators thought that the RA game would be cool, after all, the team too controlled VN, and in the early and middle LGD team also got a particularly large economic lead, Gwen and Akali also got a lot of heads of the economy (Gwen 6/2, Akali 6/0),Both sides was kicked off the 6000 largest economy, is in the audience thought after the LGD will win this game, RA team IBOY use.vn stand to get up, in the case of only one head economy, o.vn risked being in the middle of the melee Carrie and Gwen cut the risk of death crazy output, eventually get 5 kill achievement, and the best data by 10/0 win the MVP.Is double circle plus blunt face really invincible?After IG won BLG team, many BLG fans believed that the loss of the game was the problem of the coaching staff, because after UZI got Jinx, they didn’t choose to ban or rob Gwen, but let the opposite player get it easily, which was a big problem. Moreover, in the cooperation with akali and Zhao Xin, the fat one day,AD does not have any living space.In everybody thought that the combination of a single gwynn and wild xenzhao world-beater, netizens to find this two hero hero winning squad is tie-in, if not in LPL league on IG and BLG, so the hero team winning percentage at 40%, and among the LCK league on the hero of the wild xenzhao odds of a single gwynn and only about 10%,So this cast is not invincible in terms of hero stats.Summary I personally see in RA with their.vn restraint LGD day Gwen fat and Carrie, I was more happy, after all, the strongest.vn LPL league players must be UZI, so I are looking forward to UZI in the next game pulled out.vn to kill, after all, compared with gold, need to hammer stone or tam protection,The STEALTH and displacement of the VN are more compatible with the UZI.