Steal the division druid!Medvedev revealed the reversal of experience was mad hiss!In the round of 4, we had sisypas

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Dmitry Medvedev came from two sets down to beat Haliyasim 3-2 in nearly five hours to reach the last four of the Australian Open on Wednesday.After the match, Medvedev said the key to winning was to emulate the rejected Novak Djokovic, prompting boos from the audience, confirming that the latter has become the enemy of Australian fans.No. 2 seed dmitry medvedev is competition big popular, but unexpectedly, 9 seed aliya SIMS plate for a 2-0 lead, the former after the recovery of a plate, but in the fourth set in a match point, fortunately, he blew out the ACE ball, after mui always finally back, 7:5 and 6:4 wins two sets, in the plate number 3:2 jedi counter-win the line, the top 4 will meet the Greek general sisypas.As the fourth seed of the men’s singles conference, the strength of no need to say more, yesterday in the last eight of the Italian teenager Sinna, 6-3, 6-4, 6-2, he wrote in the last four years of the third time to reach the Australian Open quarterfinals, career four grand Slam appearances in the last eight all reached the last four.It took him three hours and 23 minutes to win a five-set match against Taylor Fritz, but in the last eight, he had an easy time, breaking his opponent’s serve in the first set to take a 3-0 lead.3 won smoothly, although the second set was interrupted by rain, but his momentum was not quenched, also took the lead 2-0, finally won 6-4.Cisipas didn’t give Sinna a chance in the final set, winning 6-2 and advancing to the quarterfinals in straight sets.He reached the fourth round at Wimbledon in 2018, the last four at the Australian Open in 2019, and the third round at the US Open in 2020. Last year, he beat Rafael Nadal in the last four at the Australian Open. Now we’ll see if he can beat Medvedev.Medvedev, who lost to Djokovic in the final last year, said: “I didn’t play well and Aliyasim played well.Then I asked myself how djokovic would handle it.”His mention of Novak Djokovic was greeted with boos as the reaction to his expulsion ahead of the Australian Open was a sign that he had become a public enemy for Australian fans.Medvedev went on to point out: “Because he won a lot of titles, like Nadal and Federer, SO I learned from them to play every point with all my strength.”