The Bank of China is recruiting more than 10,000 positions. There is no major limitation. All students from previous years can apply

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All the jobs in the system are very popular with parents and students.So, after graduating from university, the university students who take part in the exam are more and more.In fact, there are many stable jobs, different majors, students can choose different.In recent years, there are many college students studying finance.Bank position is more suitable, after all, easy work, decent, earn more, college students are not to be missed.The Bank of China is open to recruit more than 10,000 positions, there is no major limit, should be past students can apply for the bank of China is a state-owned enterprise, and has a high status, is one of the world’s top 500, strong strength, and the office environment is very superior.There is a special tea room, college students into such a place to work, I believe the mood will be very good.In addition, the salary is also very good, starting with an annual salary of 280,000 yuan. Besides, employees can also enjoy five insurances and one housing fund, housing subsidies, and various living subsidies, which are not available to college students working in private enterprises.And there are legal holidays, holidays when you can go out to play, relax life, college students can not miss.The open recruitment of more than ten thousand jobs, more than ten thousand posts vacant, hiring is so much, so that students are more likely to be admitted to a few bigger, and there is a good news, that is not the limitation of professional, is not only a financial professional students can enter oneself for an examination, other students can sign up.At the same time, college students can also have the opportunity to apply for four positions, and the chances of being accepted are increased, which should not be missed by former students.But don’t forget, record of formal schooling still is to be valued, record of formal schooling is different, the employee’s salary is different also, doctoral student internship monthly salary is 6000 yuan, a graduate student internship is 5000 yuan, undergraduate internship is about 4000 yuan a month, with the loss of the record of formal schooling, wages gradually reduce, visible, education for college students, so important.Of course, not only the degree, but also the ability is important.And in the work, especially pay attention to the ability of students, therefore, college students in the university to exercise their own ability.After all, like the Bank of China, good institutions also have high requirements for applicants. With such fierce competition, only college students with many advantages are more likely to be admitted.College students should be clear about their own advantages, cherish the opportunity to register, register for suitable posts this recruitment, college students can register for four positions, if you want to pass the four positions, you can not register at will, must be careful thinking.After all, each post, each has its own characteristics, but also suitable for the crowd, so, college students to clear their own advantages and characteristics, to see their own suitable for which post.First, it can help college students to pass the interview once, and second, it can prevent them from being unable to bear the content of the work in the future, so that they can’t stick to it.It was a wasted opportunity.In a word, this opportunity is hard-won, college students must grasp, do their own preparation, let oneself pass once, after registering for an examination can not regret.After being hired, you should try harder at work.Only by working with “heart” can we gain more. Realizing favorable promotion is an important way to realize our own value. If college students make great achievements in their work, they will have a great sense of achievement.Therefore, college students must work hard after graduation, improve their working ability, learn more efficient work skills, and harvest different happiness in work.By solving the problems encountered in the work, I can also accumulate my own experience, so that I can make fewer mistakes in the future work and solve problems with ease.Employees with strong working ability are more appreciated by the leader and thus have a lot of opportunities and will be given priority in promotion.In short, the author believes that talent will not be buried, only in the work of conscientious and conscientious, college students can have a beautiful life.The author’s message: after graduation, college students can choose a lot of roads, and “all roads lead to Rome”, work hard in any post, let yourself become excellent, will not be buried.College students should make a plan and set a goal for themselves after starting to work. Once the goal is reached, they should give themselves some rewards, which will be more beneficial to their career development planning.Of course, if you want to have more development in the future, the best starting point is a big platform, where there are more opportunities to exercise, can exercise the ability to bear hardships.Besides, there are more capable people, so I can learn from them and improve my professional knowledge and ability to some extent.Finally, I hope all college students can work in their ideal enterprises and realize their ideal life.Today’s topic: What do you think of the treatment of employees at The Bank of China?Leave a comment in the comments section.(Article pictures from the network, if any infringement contact deleted) # Knowledge of the season #