The teacher in charge revealed: these three kinds of students, grow up after easy “promising”, have a look among them you

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For Chinese parents, as long as their children can go to school, they can do everything they can to make their children grow up “promising”.There is no parent who does not hope that their children can not become talented. Every parent hopes that their children can have good grades. Of course, if possible, it is the best hope that their children can stand out from the crowd.In addition to academic performance, a child’s quality and ability also have a big impact on their prospects.So what kind of students will go far in the future?The head teacher who spends the most time with his students has something to say.After going to school, students have limited time with their parents.On the contrary, teachers and students spend more time together than parents do.As a teacher of education, they know their students best.An experienced head teacher led many classes and students.’Promising kids tend to grow up to fall into three categories,’ she says. ‘So what are they?’1. High and Steady Student: This type of kid always gets good grades.In other words, many people think the best way is to improve their children’s performance.But in fact, the students with the highest overall academic performance in the class were remarkably stable.They maintain a steady state of continuous improvement, both in school and college.Such children usually graduate from elite schools and get good jobs.2. Students who get poor grades but improve their grades through efforts: Such students have a relatively low sense of survival.After three years of hard work in junior high school, they were admitted to ordinary senior high school.In the ordinary high school, this state also continued, the scores have reached a significant improvement.These students have a wider range of employment opportunities after graduation, as they like to focus on the civil service exam because they come from behind.Most of these students rely on hard work and determination before passing the written test and interview to have a bright future.3. Positive and logical students: There are always disobedient students in class.Such students usually have unstable grades, but they are not bad grades, they have strong logical ability and positive thinking.If these students suddenly “become enlightened”, they can also learn where they did not learn.If you find an opportunity in society, you can easily seize it and succeed.Many teachers have found in their years of experience that the above three types of students will develop better in class.Students can check themselves to see if they fit.I’m sure many parents struggle with their children’s summer and winter vacations.On the one hand, they want their children to have time to rest.On the other hand, they worry that children will play and forget to learn.Therefore, it is very important to help children develop good habits during the holidays.Respect for teachers seems to have nothing to do with learning, but it is a very important study habit.Many students are not interested in study.If the teacher is not respected, then such a child may have a bad attitude towards everyone;Coupled with a lack of respect for the teacher, they do not love the subject, so naturally do not want to spend time learning.In addition, supervision and management should be strengthened.During the summer vacation, children should make a study plan and implement it step by step.It is very important to establish a good sense of study.Self-directed learning is the most important learning goal for many students.While helping children learn is a good thing, if it is not possible, children need to master the ability to study alone and cultivate their independence.Many people think reading is useless.Many college graduates also fail to find good jobs, and their earnings are almost the same as those of early dropouts, so parents think it is useless to study, rather than hope that their children can enter the society and make money as soon as possible.This view is completely wrong.By cultivating children’s reading habits, children can keep good habits even if they do not study well.Whether they read books or not, they learn from personal experiences.A promising child must be accompanied by high-quality parents.The meaning of such high quality is not that parents scold their children while looking at them. On the contrary, we need to satisfy their curiosity and arouse their strong thirst for knowledge.Parents, as children’s “good partners”, as long as they can support their children, no matter what happens in the future, they will not be easily defeated!Kanka’s conclusion: Academic performance is important, but it is not a measure of how good a student is.It is understandable for parents that they want their children to be hopeful in the future, but not all children can learn well.Parents should start from a practical perspective.If children are willing to learn, parents should support them.If the children are not willing to learn, then parents should pay more attention to guide the children, this is the real education.Today’s topic: What do you think of the relationship between students’ grades and success?Leave a comment in the comments section.