“You can get a divorce certificate for nine yuan, or I’ll buy you.”

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In the book, Lin Qiong dresses up as the villain’s cannon fodder wife by Radish Rabbit.As money and the original villain marriage, but abandon the old villain is an old crazy.Batch, die without limit, finally the villain turns over, make oneself dead.As he crossed, the original body hurled insults at the villain. “Old and mad, not even a man!”The man in the wheelchair has a dark tide in his eyes.”Do you think I’ll hate you?No!I can only love you more!”Fu Xingyun:?Lin Qiong, poor enough to starve to death in a previous life, brushes away tears from her lips as she looks at a mansion full of the stench and fragrance of capitalism.It’s his old baby!Lin Qiong kept the attitude of a selfless and dedicated person with deep feeling, “Although you don’t love me, it doesn’t matter!Let me accompany you in the most difficult time is enough, when you get well we will divorce!”Just ask the villain to let him off in the future and take the large amount of alimony after the divorce away!In cold weather, Lin Qiong is a drafty cotton coat.Take clothes in front of the man a shake hug, “you put on long Johns, when you are ill we will divorce!”Lin Qiong is the old hen protecting her young when someone taunts men.After scold walk bad man, close comfort, “don’t listen to them, your qiuyi fill into the appearance of qiuqiu the most handsome!”Forced to wear long Johns: “…”At the auction, Lin Qiong is pressing the evil hands of capitalism to warn rational consumption.”You save the money, and when you get better, we’ll get a divorce.”After the man recovered, Lin Qiong couldn’t wait to divorce him.Wringing hands at the thought of the huge alimony payout.Fu Xingyun: “What divorce?”Lin Qiong:?Fu Xingyun: “well, it’s time to do my duty.”Lin Qiong:!!It was not until her stomach swelled that Lin Qiong realized that he was wearing a book.Son.The man looked at his masterpiece with satisfaction, carefully pacified, “As long as there is no divorce, my money is your money.””……”Lin Qiong: “Dog, I fight with you!”This is my old baby.Resolution: As long as efforts, everything.Works brief comment: Lin Qiong wears the cannon ashes wife that became villain side to make demon ceaselessly, in order to be able when divorce with villain whole body and retreat, put on love brain person to set in villain pay xieyun side to inquire inquire about, originally plan the other side illness is good divorce, who knows this one foot to enter marriage grave had not come out.This article is a two-way redemption, both of them have a low point but also run to the new life in the end, accompany each other and rely on each other, believe that there will be a light in the world for you, only for you, only for you to illuminate, sand carving cookies, worth reading happy article.* Before the young man finished his words, he was grabbed by the collar of the man who had been standing beside Fu Xingyun, “Lin Qiong you he.Don’t go too far, mother, and remember that it was your family who begged for the marriage at first!”Lin Qiong shook her head crazily: No!No!!”Do you think I care?”Lin Qiong: It was very peaceful:) * He looked at Fu Xingyun and scratched the back of his head. “Don’t be late.”Then silly smile two times, “the first marriage experience, next time good.””……”Fu Xingyun: “Didn’t you run away from the marriage?* “I’m going to get you a bouquet.”Fu Xingyun looked at the handful of small wild flowers in his hand and then at Lin Qiong.Lin Qiong Fu to the heart, “other people wedding some, we also have.”* Lin Qiong said, “Could you…Don’t…Look at me like this.”Fu Xingyun raised eyebrows, “for your lies guilty.”Lin Qiong: “For our…Love is……Shy.”* Then Lin Qiong realized that she had accidentally spoken her heart out. She quickly said, “But I miss you more.”Fu Xingyun opens his mouth: “This sentence is after you add.”Lin Qiong was surprised, “of course not, I love you don’t you say?””I love you more than the whole world, let alone a jacuzzi.”Then he looked at his phone and said, “No more. The game is on.”* Fu Xingyun accompany people back to the room, see people lie down this is going to leave.Lin Qiong fell on the bed and closed her eyes, but her mouth was still mumbling, “Happy birthday, Xingyun.””You’ll have everything when your legs heal.”* He feels no joy when the other person stands up.He didn’t know why. He didn’t know why.Lin Qiong took the ID card and exhaled, “Lin Qiong, be happy.”A small mouth mumbled this sentence, and told himself again and again.* Lin Qiong felt a little uneasy after hearing this, “That what, your leg is not well, now that you have time let’s go to the civil affairs Bureau to divorce.”Fu Xingyun complexion instant a sink.Looking at the other party’s angry face, Lin Qiong said quickly, “The divorce certificate is only nine yuan, I’ll treat you if it’s the worst.”* Lin Qiong instantly red eyes.If Fu Xingyun were here, he wouldn’t let anyone bully him.But…But fu Xingyun was his gas away, by his deceit, lies again and again gas away.* Lin Qiong clenched her hands and tears began to fall down her face. The man broke down and said, “I have a crush on someone, but I have done something wrong, I dare not meet him. If you touch me, I will never see him again.Please leave me alone.”* “Lin Qiong, can you answer some more questions?”Lin Qiong looked at them. “But my time is up.”Between the lines, IT’s time for me to leave.Suddenly a huge voice came from not far away, is the organizers of the event, “money!”Lin Qiong picked up the phone. “I also want to talk to you again.”* “Then why did you marry Mr. Fu?There must be something about him that appeals to you.””Yes.”Lin Qiong: “Rich.””Is there a deeper aspect of attraction?””Very rich.”Reporter: “self-restraint aspect.”Lin Qiong: “with millions of approachable.”Reporter:…* Fu Xingyun looked at Lin Qiong tenderly with love in his eyes.Lin Qiong walked quickly, two steps at a time…Then he turned to running.In the days to come, he finally had his home.Like a golden sunset glow, scorching intoxicating.”I’m back.”(Photo source network, apology for assault and deletion)