Gu, 19, was the first to pose with her fans in a red coat and mask

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Recently, gu Ailing, the “supernovae” in sports, has been widely viewed on the screen. Now, at the age of 19, Gu Has quit her American citizenship and joined the Chinese nationality. She has represented China in winning six championships in just 36 days, which is amazing.Gu recently posted photos at the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, posing with fans in a red coat and wearing a mask.On GuAiLing reminiscent of a words: “if there is a red belief, that must be a Chinese red”, now on GuAiLing, also let people realized that belief, even, clad in red and also did not make public, the effect of 19, she did not fight fire first, is a strength and level of women’s appearance.I. Gu Ailing red coat modeling analysis leading single product collocation:Profile long coat packaged very GuAiLing no shelf in front of fans, very patiently group photo with you, put on a low-key stance, on the same day, she wore a profile type long coat, very warm and stylish package on the whole, but a bit to hide her great height and posture, tall and slender figure line, perfect will hold the basic coat.Tone analysis:Senior Chinese red and amazing Chinese red can always give people a feeling of passion, that is the color of the exclusive China, it is warm, is bold and unrestrained, is bold and impressive, GuAiLing dressed in red is not only proved her patriotism, more can see her for his clothing color, high saturation of bright color, like this widespread coverage in the body is easy to overturn,But Gu Ailing has worn a senior experienced effect.Accessories analysis:Plush fisherman cap, lovely and practical in the red coat collocation, also did not forget GuAiLing deserve to act the role of the importance of fluffy fisherman cap, foil to the moment she small and cute, and coat with tonal processing, is the overall harmony, coat of crisp type and a hat softness, a firm a soft outfit advantage, tie-in black wide straps inclined shoulder bag,Achieve the effect of visual dispersion.Dressing technique analysis: use white for the transition, because of the overall tone, so be sure to use some classic color transition, avoid dress collocation is too monotonous, especially as the saturation higher Chinese red, it’s appropriate to use some black and white to coordinate, for accessories or shoes, were to wear take a degree of perfection.Two, Gu Ailing a red dress rule to share a rule:Products of coordination between the way to the choice with tonal whole under the premise of the complementary advantages between each item is very important, from accessories to clothing sheet is tasted, the coordination between them must be caught, can be a color, the cohesion between the can also be complementary between design style, there is also a very worthy of learning law, comparative law,Use different strengths to achieve a foil effect.Rule 2:Pay attention to the details of wear a bright spot sometimes often covers the area of the greater the sheet is tasted, but not to wear a bright spot, in general details determine the success or failure, in other words, under some deserve to act the role of the ornament of, is the key to decided to wear a bright spot, such as bright color of the hat, the ornament of silk scarves, the collocation of inclined shoulder bag, and belt of blessing,All determine the importance of dress sense.Rule 3:Prominent advantage to build strong figure clad collocation is the most important thing is to highlight the effect of height advantage, even more expensive clothing, in the design of individual character, in the trend of the design, if not achieve the effect of the foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, so it’s not worth to try, even simple basic item instead, if it is able to highlight the figure scale, to show the effect of thin show high,Is more worthy of everyone to try and choose.Fashion summary: 1. Gu Ailing’s beauty lies not only in her appearance, but also in her patriotic heart, strength in the competition and excellent taste in dressing.2. The choice of clothing is not simplification, should not only pay attention to the collocation of color between, the deck of accessories, has outstanding advantages, believe everybody recently shocked by GuAiLing god yan and strength, especially after into Chinese, is more easily accepted by the public and love, let us together to support her!