What is the best way to take out the injection?Injection and repair expert Li Fangqi

2022-04-28 0 By

About injection from which way is better, there is no sure answer, because according to the position of injection material, different types of injection and traits, out of the way also is different, such as: solid injection: cannot simply pump, such as bone meal sometimes cooperate to completely remove and cut and clean around the injection.Liquid injection: liquid is easy to penetrate, resulting in unclear boundary with its own tissue. For liquid silicone oil and growth factors, some details and unclear boundaries need to be carefully removed by needle.Fluid and semi-fluid injections: Such as olmeidine, which can be aspirated or cut out, need to consider different sites and layers.For small parts of the face, for example, needle removal is often used.The chest area is larger, so it can be taken out more thoroughly with the way of incision.