Yuping has trained medical professionals in pairs

2022-04-28 0 By

Report from our correspondent (hung-ju Chen) in recent years, the jade screen dong autonomous county health bureau firmly establish a “talent is the first resource in the development of high quality” concept, actively explore medical units to carry out the pair help and training mechanism, continuous cultivation talent “reservoir”, actively promote the construction of health personnel, continue to improve the county medical service level.According to the principle of “stratified training, professional pairing and two-way selection”, the medical unit has trained 63 people in various fields such as western medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, nursing, pharmacy and medical technology.The trainees have significantly improved the diagnosis and treatment ability of common and frequently-occurring diseases in their professional fields, and can master the diagnosis and treatment process of critical and severe diseases.According to the actual situation, the tutor formulated the training plan, adopted the form of theoretical knowledge learning to consolidate the foundation, practical operation to consolidate skills, targeted from shallow to deep training, so as to effectively improve the theoretical knowledge and professional skills of the trainees.In the mode of “One Belt one, One Belt Two”, we will impart rich working experience and exquisite professional skills to the trainees. In order to realize the collision and fusion of new technology and old inheritance, we will innovate and develop in inheritance and continuation.Since the development of pair training, the trainees have independently completed more than 320 cases of primary and secondary operations, and completed more than 80 cases of tertiary operations under the guidance of the tutor. They have participated in more than 20 medical academic conferences in provinces, cities and counties, and carried out 8 new technologies and projects.County people’s Hospital 3 trainees become department heads, 24 trainees become department business backbone.The bureau will continue to improve the mechanism of talent incentive care, improve the political quality and business ability of the training object, cultivate a group of “take not to go, stay, use” medical and health talents.Source: Tongren Daily