Making money will be easy when you understand what has gone wrong in the stock market for a few days

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More than ten years of ups and downs, through their own experience and lessons of failure summed up the following points of the essence of the stock market, and we share.1, in the stock market really do not have to be too greedy, because as long as the stock market exists, the money in the stock market is never over 2, you really do not have too panic, because the main or retail eyes of the banker is not to let the stock market crash!3, you think you are difficult, in fact, the main force is very difficult, they ship much more difficult than we imagine, they can not like our retail investors to buy today can sell tomorrow.If a stock at the bottom of the volume, it is definitely worth paying attention to must pay attention to, no matter whether it is really breakthrough or lure more!When it can’t go down, it can only go up.If your perseverance is more firm, and then stick to some, maybe the happy dish will end tomorrow.This, of course, refers to stocks that have opened a path to rise.6, to the midline mentality to do short-term operation, heavy warehouse a unit, take turns to do T, every high point, every low contact, rolling operation to ensure that you will absolutely have a profit.7, the main short-term is to see the volume, turnover rate and the speed of the three elements, of course, a lot of people will not understand these three indicators, then you can follow the pace of the market, our stock market is paying attention to three down four, you know!When a stock is bottom or finish bottom is the most safe.Of course how to distinguish whether build bottom, that is to rely on individual technical knowledge and ability.9. Only stocks in the rising channel are worth buying. Like the above, how to distinguish the rising channel also depends on personal technology and knowledge.The most worthy of consideration and reference is not the parameters of technical indicators, but market sentiment.When the market is in a good mood, buying blind can make money. When the market is in a bad mood, no matter how skilled you are, you are afraid of kitchen knives.If you find this helpful, please like it and follow it.If you feel wrong, welcome to comment and correct, we learn and exchange together.