Rain tomorrow, money has no money, early spring “6 treasure” to eat up, seasonal and food spirit spring day

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Don’t worry about the kitchen road without friends, who do not know small face aunt.Hello, everyone. I’m aunt Xiao Mian.Today xiao Mian aunt to share with you a “cool six spring dishes” food practice.From last night, our Guanzhong Xifu area began to snow, to this afternoon, the snow basically ended.There is a good chance that this will be the last spring snow of the year, and that the weather will move into spring mode at the fastest pace in the coming days.As spring is approaching, of course, people should also eat some early spring vegetables, so as to get more nutrition for the body.It is customary for people to call this morning dish “spring dish”, which expresses a yearning for spring.Just, tomorrow is the twenty-four solar term “rain” solar term, today, small noodle aunt to share six suitable for early spring food practice, eat once every three or five, good health, happy mood.Rain tomorrow, 6 “spring vegetables” do not miss, eat early early taste, smooth through the alternating seasons.Rain solar term is the second solar term in the 24 solar terms, rain solar term to, rain began and gradually increased, now is the beginning of spring, the weather is still with a cold, cold will also invade.So the temperature is always changeable, the diet should not be too greasy, but eat hot, raw and cold food, pay attention to eat more warm food ingredients in the diet, to achieve the purpose of regulating the spleen and stomach.Tomorrow rain, money has no money, early spring “6 treasure” to eat, seasonal and food spirit spring day!Now I put this “six spring vegetables” food practice to share with you, like friends can do according to the recipe, to the family a delicious, to the loved one a love!Although said all the year round can eat leek, but early spring is to eat leek is the golden season, but also the best time to eat, can alleviate the fear of cold caused by kidney Yang deficiency, cold hands and feet, waist and knee soreness and other symptoms.Ingredients: 1 leek, 1 plate of mung bean sprouts, 1 piece of beef, add a little pepper, starch, light soy sauce, salt, chicken essence.Method: 1. Wash and slice the beef, place it well, then cut into shreds, add a little white pepper, starch, light soy sauce and oil to evenly marinate for a while, heat the oil in a wok, add the beef shreds and stir-fry until it turns brown.2. After rinsing the bean teeth, drain the water and pour them into the pot. Stir-fry the bean sprouts with high fire until they are broken.3, after picking leek rinse clean control water, cut into small sections, put into the pot, turn the fire quickly stir fry evenly, put an appropriate amount of salt and a little chicken essence, stir fry evenly again can be turned off the fire.Spring is the season of asparagus, with high nutritional value of spring food, rich in protein, a variety of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals, you can often eat asparagus can also improve the body’s immune capacity, do not miss it.Ingredients: 1 handful asparagus, 1 piece chicken breast, 3 pieces garlic, 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, 1 tablespoon salt, a little cooking wine, dark soy sauce, white pepper, a little starch.Practice: 1. Rinse asparagus and remove the old roots, cut asparagus into diagonal sections, put water in the pot and boil, drop a few drops of oil and a little salt, blanch asparagus, blanch for 2-3 minutes, remove, put in cold water to cool, remove and dry water.2, the chicken breast meat is washed and drained, cut into diced chicken, add a little cooking wine, dark soy sauce, white pepper, a little starch stir evenly pickled for a moment, chopped garlic, wok heat up, add the right amount of oil, add garlic fry fragrant, and then pickled chicken into the pot stir-fry, stir-fry the diced chicken.3. Add asparagus and stir well. Season with 1 teaspoon of oyster sauce and half teaspoon of salt.Spring is coming, and it is time to pinch alfalfa again. There are many ways to make alfalfa dishes, such as dumplings, cold soup and so on. In the spring days, you can go for a spring outing with your friends and pinch alfalfa to make it delicious on the table.Ingredients: 400g of alfalfa, 1 piece of bean curd skin, 2 pieces of dried chilis, 4 pieces of garlic, half a teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of light soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of Pepper oil.Practice: 1. Wash the alfalfa several times, control the water content (there are weeds in the alfalfa), heat a pot of water, put the washed alfalfa in it, cook it more, the alfalfa is not cooked, remove the cooked alfalfa and pass it over in cold water.2. Cut the tofu skin into small pieces, stack them together and cut them into thin pieces. Put the cut tofu into the pot, cook it slightly, remove the bean-fishy taste, and remove it.After 3, alfalfa for cool, edging out moisture, chopped dried chili, garlic cut into small grains, put the alfalfa and tofu silk into the basin, add pepper and garlic granule, the pot a moderate amount of oil burning, burning to hot, poured hot oil on pepper and garlic granule on bring out fragrance, add 1/2 teaspoons of salt, pour 2 teaspoons of vinegar, 2 teaspoons of soya sauce, 1 scoop of prickly ash oil, stir well.The cabbage moss can be said to be the longest seasonal dish in spring. When the cabbage moss has blossomed, it can be fried and eaten like this. The taste is really good.Ingredients: 1 handful of vegetable moss, 5 dried chilies, salt amount.Practice: 1. Prepare the food materials.First pick and wash the moss, control the water, break the moss into two sections, and separate the root and the leaves.2, dry pepper into small sections of hot pot, put a proper amount of oil, fragrant dried pepper, first put in the root of the vegetable with a medium heat until soft.3, then put the leaves together stir-fry for a moment, add half a teaspoon of salt stir-fry, wait for the leaves to change color some hair yan can be out of the pot.Spring can eat some wild vegetables, especially shepherd’s purse, alfalfa, shepherd’s purse vitamins can supplement the body needs, shepherd’s purse also has a good hemostatic function, can effectively regulate blood pressure, prevent some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, spring can eat some more.Ingredients: appropriate amount of mustard mustard, 3 eggs, a few scallions, one teaspoon of salt.Practice: 1, fresh shepherd’s purse to choose the old leaves, choose a good soak clean water, pot boiling water into clean shepherd’s purse blanched for about 15 seconds, out of the cold water, keep shepherd’s purse green and refreshing.2, out of the hand squeeze out the water, cut into small sections, eggs with a little salt, water beaten, prepare a section of green onion, cut into thin strips and then cut into scallions, add a little cooking oil in the pot, oil hot after adding scallions fried and then add salt to taste.3, add the egg liquid, with a shovel slowly push a few times, to avoid sticking to the pot, after the egg liquid slightly solidified, stir fry with a shovel for a moment.We all know that spinach is rich in iron, which is a good food material for blood tonic. Spinach in spring is especially tender, cheap and tasty. It is delicious for soup and stir-fry.Just make sure you blanch them before you make them, otherwise they’ll go bad.Ingredients: 1 handful of spinach, 1 handful of flammulina mushroom, 1/2 spring onion, 3 garlic, a little salt and light soy sauce.Preparation: 1. Spinach, flammulina mushrooms, scallions and garlic are ready to clean the spinach, blanch the spinach in a boiling water pot for a few minutes, remove some oxalic acid and remove it.2. Cut off the roots of flammulina velutipes with a knife, tear the flammulina velutipes into loose small flowers and rinse them. Wash the scallions and cut them into scallions.3, blanched spinach, squeeze out the excess water with your hand, cut several sections with a knife, mushroom also squeeze out the water.Add proper amount of cooking oil to the wok, heat up the onion and garlic and saute until fragrant. Put the flammulina mushroom into the wok and stir-fry for a while, then add the spinach and stir-fry evenly, add a little salt and raw soy sauce to taste.4, continue to stir fry for half a minute can be turned off the fire out of the pot, it is delicious without words, adults and children love, nutrition and health.Don’t worry about the kitchen road without friends, who do not know small face aunt.Everybody is good!I’m aunt Xiao Mian.Unconsciously cooking on the road to accompany you for five years!Get along with the day, to share the knowledge of food life, experience food life together happy!Here, say thank you!Ok, my dear friends, today’s article will share with you here, if you have any different opinions about this article, welcome your opinions in the comments at the bottom of the article is published, we will read every message you ~ statement: the graphic for the author’s original content, without permission to reprint the infringement, I will be a complaint!