State grid jiaozuo power supply company has such a couple

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The Spring Festival is China’s most important traditional festival wherever they are, wherever the Chinese always “reunion” with family on New Year’s eve, however its Chinese jiaozuo power supply company of a pair of husband and wife obey organization command obey job arrangement, give up reunited with his family to ensure safe and reliable power supply silently on January 31, New Year’s eve,In the monitoring room of the power transformation Operation and Maintenance Center of State Grid Jiaozuo Power Supply Company, the staff are ready to protect the safety and stable operation of the city’s power grid during the Spring Festival. The deputy monitor Li Yang is busy on his post.The picture shows Li Yang and Shi Liming inspecting the operation of substation equipment.Born in the 1990s, Li Yang’s department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 142 substation equipment in the city and the handling of abnormal accidents. Any small fault may affect the safety and stable operation of the entire power network.His wife Shi Liming is on duty of 110 kv Substation in Yu Village and also an employee of substation operation and maintenance Center. The difference is that they work in different positions respectively.It was not unusual for them to be on duty for three or five days without seeing each other.Recently, the unit on duty arrangement on New Year’s eve, the two men looked at each roaster, found that on the day of the New Year’s eve on duty in their respective positions on both sides, said to his wife, as well as we set the “New Year’s eve” on December 27, ahead of a “reunion” dinner with their parents, New Year’s eve on duty that day, we will need on the job at ease.It was the couple’s first New Year’s eve, and although they could not get together, Li said: “By choosing such a position, we have to accept its particularity, and it is our duty to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.”Li Yang and Shi Liming tied the knot five months ago, forming a dual-career family.”Although we can’t get together with our families on New Year’s Eve, it is worthwhile to work together to ensure the safety and stability of the power grid and ensure reliable electricity for customers,” shi said.Shi Liming in the village substation is responsible for jiaozuo municipal government, radio station, 110 command center, fire brigade and other important units of the electricity task, its importance is self-evident.On the New Year’s Eve, Shi Liming and other colleagues together, guarding in the substation, uninterrupted temperature inspection of electrical equipment, check the status of secondary equipment, recording the operation of equipment at every moment.Taking a break from work after lunch, Li Yang made a video call to his wife and asked her how she felt.”Did you have dumplings for lunch?””Yes, the restaurant made dumplings.””How is the shift today?”…Stick to during the Spring Festival, is the work, is the responsibility, is the mission, the couple with a cable is tied to both ends of the concern, one end is connected to the lights, one end is tied to you and I stick to, jointly protect the safety of the power grid.As monitor of class vice monitor, knew the importance of monitoring work, as well as electrical equipment information monitoring, remote operations, exception handling, etc., which is a slight negligence may lead to a job irreparable consequences, especially the Spring Festival and other important period of time, but also to carry extremely careful and patience, to guarantee the safe and stable operation of power equipment.Similarly, Shi Liming has been working in the first line of substation operation for nine years. She has a good understanding of the sound of electrical equipment, the way of wiring and even the working state of every screw. She can make an accurate judgment on any abnormality.This New Year’s Eve, choose to spend the New Year in the post, for the two newlyweds calm a lot of, because there are parents and loved ones behind the support of understanding, around another person’s company and encouragement, heart is full of love and moved.At this time, li Yang WeChat “jump” out a message: peace is the most precious moment apart in order to better meet think I clockwork information or make a phone call when I was as long as our hearts together, reunion jiaozuo daily’s media correspondent PeiPei, xiao-guang li reports. All rights reserved: jiaozuo daily Internet news information services license number:Copyright (C) 41120180801. This article is originally published by Jiaozuo Daily