The Great Wall automobile stops production Europe screen cat and white cat, what is the real reason?

2022-04-29 0 By

After the EulER IQ, Great Wall started to make a big deal about naming its models, with the R1 renamed black Cat and the R2 renamed white Cat.From the market feedback, Euler renamed strategy is very successful, relying on the cat named and fashionable appearance captured many girls heart.Surprise, 14 night, Great Wall motor co. ‘s euler brand notice to 4 s shops, requiring that all dealers begin from zero point of the 15th, removal of euler car propaganda material and paint black and white, black and white to stop receiving euler car order, told the factory no longer accept orders at the same time.In response to the news that the Euronscreen cat and euler White Cat are no longer taking orders, euler brand related official responded: “It is true that these two models have been discontinued.”As for the reasons for stopping sales and production, 4S stores explained that it was because of the new energy vehicle model subsidy regression and the manufacturer’s supply chain shortage.In other words, without subsidies, these two models, which are not very expensive to begin with, may not be profitable.As for whether there really is a supply chain shortage, the sales of these two cars, xiaobian think it should not matter too much.What do Internet users think of this?Some netizens think that if you can’t make money, shouldn’t you raise the price?How would you make current owners feel if they stopped?It’s also a blow to brand credibility.Some netizens think that the product iteration, because the stubble of leek cut off;Quality upgrade, the low-end market does not make money;But beat wuling, zero run, Ne Zha and other low-end models.I good cat, punk cat and Ann, BYD rob leek.”Corner overtaking” for short!Of course, there are also netizens questioned, once production, does it mean that there is no maintenance, so some not kind.For this matter, the author thinks, according to the manufacturer and dealer’s view, should not be iteration, but stop production.However, there is no need to worry about the future maintenance of accessories, after all, the Great Wall brand and strength in there!As for the reason of production stop sales, xiaobian and the above netizens agree, should be manufacturers do not make money, so, to replace with a new product with more moneymaking ability.For example, ballet Cat, Lightning Cat, Punk Cat and Cherry Cat are coming up next.Good, ask each netizen finally, for the Great Wall stops production Europe screen cat and white cat, what do you think the real reason is?