Establish a “five-party road” traffic safety joint work and joint treatment mechanism

2022-04-30 0 By

To continue to implement the “Guoluo State 12 governance opinions” and strongly promote the implementation of the “ten” police standards.On March 15, the Road Traffic Safety Committee of Dari County, Goluo Prefecture, organized a joint meeting of the “Five parties of the First Road” traffic safety joint attendance and joint treatment work.Conference site.Dali County Public Security Bureau of Guoluo State for the meeting pointed out that the main purpose of the “Five sides of the Road” joint attendance joint treatment work is to break the barriers between departments, business division;We should solve the problem that governance entities are independent of each other, governance methods are mutually exclusive, and governance behaviors are difficult to interact.All member departments should give full play to the advantages of “road police linkage” in resource sharing, information exchange, personnel interaction and complementary advantages, and effectively improve the coordination ability of synchronous response, unified action and joint prevention and disposal, so as to form a linkage effect and create a safe, smooth and orderly road traffic environment for the majority of traffic participants.The meeting called on member departments to strengthen their awareness of the overall situation and shoulder their responsibilities.Led by the Traffic Police Brigade of Dari County Public Security Bureau (Road Safety Commission Office), the “Five-way” working mechanism of joint attendance and joint treatment was organized by the five units of traffic, road administration, urban management and maintenance section.Each member department should carry out safety hidden danger investigation, severely crack down on all kinds of road related illegal and criminal acts, make every effort to ensure the smooth, safe and orderly roads in Dari County, and timely prevent the occurrence of serious traffic accidents.The meeting stressed the need to form a joint working mechanism, hold regular thematic joint meetings, strengthen road analysis, research and judgment, and strengthen joint work and coordination.To form a work plan, in view of the outstanding road safety problems in Dari County, traffic illegal behavior to formulate a feasible plan, timely organization to carry out joint remediation work.We should rely on the mechanism of “road chief system” and actively mobilize the masses to participate in road protection and road maintenance.To strengthen departmental cooperation, member departments should break down barriers between departments and separate businesses. Through early warning information exchange, traffic control cooperation and other measures, effectively solve the problems of unclear ownership of rights and responsibilities, overlapping functions and overlapping barriers, and constantly strengthen road traffic control and form synergy between departments.