Once aquaman sold a 300 million yen mansion without a job and supported by his third wife

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Once The Sea King sold 300 million yen mansion without a job and supported by his third wife mentioned Ishida Junichi, think of playboy.Although he is a famous Japanese actor, starring in films such as “Unfaithful time” and “Kikuji Trace”, he is better known for his rich love life.In 1988, after his marriage to actor Chiaki Matsuhara, it was revealed that ishida had fathered a son from a previous marriage.In 1996, he had a long affair with model Rie Hasegawa. In an interview, he said, “Infidelity is culture.”Ishida’s third wife, Riko Higashio, is a Japanese professional golfer, whom he married in December 2009.However, the once arrogant Aquaman is not having a good time now.Junichi Ishida, 68, reportedly sold his luxury house worth 300 million yen late last year.The reason for the sale is that a prestigious elementary school, where the eldest daughter enters this year, had to move to accommodate the 30-minute walk from home to school.The new house is located in the high residential street of Tokyo Du Nei, built 20 years, 2 floors above ground, 1 floor underground, 300 square meters, 1.5 million yen (about 90,000 yuan) per month rental house.Not replacement but into rental “move”, can not deny the impact of ishida’s “bad behavior” led to a sharp drop in work.He went to Okinawa under the declaration of emergency and contracted the virus, but still went drinking and wandering around without punishment.In an interview with a weekly magazine at the end of last year, he said, Work is zero and my family is broken.Ishida and his wife, Riko Higashio (46), talk to each other only to a minimum these days.Instead of Ishida, who had no job, Riko became the breadwinner of the family.On January 17, his daughter Jin (31) posted a picture of her family celebrating ishida’s birthday on her social media account.”Ishida has to be the breadwinner of the family,” says Entertainment journalist Tenko Kawauchi.Why do you say so? The current family centered on Ishida, coupled with the complex family relationship between Koji, Ishida Issei, and his father-in-law Higashio maintain a balance, and harmony is the value of Ishida as an artist.Mrs Parasitic this fact, so that the image of the collapse of Ishida, the future can not receive work.Now Ishida’s career and filmmaking are half-baked.It is better to say, I have no money, but I will do this.Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Ishida earned 100 million yen a year just by participating in events.Though he had brought it upon himself, would he ever be free from the life of a parasite?