This is probably the hottest icefall of the year!Walk with me for an hour to see if it’s worthy of the name

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Unfavourably, it’s a weekend for friends at the unremarkable district — the place whose icefall may be the best act of the year.Last year and he went to Tan Yu idle walk, very shocked there big gully deep, this year did not think of, here an ice waterfall from the New Year has been fire to now.This is because the roads to the other icefall are closed, so this is a convenient place to see the icefall.Said to go away, in fact, when the departure has more than 12 noon, navigation to tan Yu mouth, has more than one point.From the ring mountain road a few donkey friends team a few buses, the village road parked full of cars, it seems that many people.Fortunately, we got there late, and some of the cars must have left, so we drove straight to the valley.Sure enough, there was a seat in front of the valley.At this point, there are many people going down the mountain, but few going up the mountain. They bring their wives and daughters, call friends and bring friends, and only the three of us are old men.After the entrance, we entered the roadside that big mine cave, pay homage, convenient.Not a long way, we fell into the sea of joy, of course, the most happy is the children, the road opened up a slide, while the Winter Olympics spring breeze, we justifiingly high.I don’t know how many kilometers it is from the yukou to the icefall. According to the people who have been there, it is an hour’s journey, but I estimate it is about two kilometers.Tan Yu road is very easy to walk, are simple roads, the original above mining, this road has been used to transport ore.In fact, the last time I came to Tan Yu, is to see the road above the mine.Tan Yu last fire up because of the above mine cave scenery, in the Qinling valley many unique mouth.In addition, from here to the top of the nine Hua mountain, above the temple of the master of compassion and kindness, the donkey friends called the top of the mountain fairy sister.Of course, our purpose today is not to reach the top of the mountain, but to take a leisurely walk and look at the mountain scenery and the icefall.There was a lot of snow here yesterday.Beautiful scenery in the roadside, look at the stream below, looking at the snow-capped mountains overhead, the heart is very beautiful.With what words I can not describe, the language is dry, directly put a few more photos, look at the officer himself.Sure enough, after walking for more than an hour, you saw this little sign by the roadside. If you are coming on weekends, there are many people here, you can ask, but during the week, there are few people, so be sure to take a look on your way.Many of the wild scenic spots in the Qinling mountains are marked, but the Tangyu icefall is not. The last time I was here, the fork road had been crossed.If you pay attention, there is a two meter long iron plate bridge on the side of the mountain, which is the path leading to the icefall. In fact, there are traces of people walking here, pay attention to look, or relatively obvious.Before writing the icefall article I repeatedly emphasize: crampons with crampons with crampons!Otherwise, snow walking is still dangerous, although it is only 10 minutes from the road to the icefall, but very dangerous.You see my companion, take the opportunity to help tourists, the female tourists tightly clenched hands, I will not put a positive photo, in order to avoid family conflicts.Finally arrived at the front of the icefall, to say “suspected is the Milky Way fell nine days” to describe the most appropriate, other words of their own imagination.Here is the biggest and most beautiful icefall I saw this year, because the icefall of black Mountain fork old road closure, did not go;The ice pillars of PIAPIA fall are not frozen.There are a lot of people taking pictures. The icefall is in the shade, and it is cold every day. There is no trace of icefall falling, so it seems relatively safe.Calculate the time that we come up, also more than an hour, 1:30 up the mountain, it is three o ‘clock now.Look at the ice waterfall, the original way back, all the way to see the lovely little sister plastic with lovely ice pier pier, look at the little snowman who do not know which children pile, if happy, “old husband chat hair young crazy”, all the way down is also ok.Up the mountain, we arrived at this position, must bye-bye, bless yourself not to fall.Of course, if you don’t have crampons, you are no use to bow, wrestling is for sure, the difference is the pain is not painful, fall or fall ten times.Of course, if you don’t have crampons, it is a good choice to walk on the road and play with snow by the stream.Yunshui terminus: wandering wilderness, visiting road exploration, local slang, negative xuan asked.Go to the mountains and countryside, explore the beautiful scenery around, feel the people’s customs.Welcome to follow, welcome to forward.