Unload the load to have the perfect trunk

2022-05-01 0 By

The trunk for the majority of owners are familiar with, usually need not things will be placed inside, in case of emergency.But when it comes to the actual use of the car, the extra burden can actually cause some problems!One, increase the fuel consumption of vehicles each increase the load of 1 kg will bring more burden to the engine, although the back compartment in bits and pieces to put some sundry also on the weight of more than ten kilograms, but for years and years to pull these “useless load” driving on the road, in fact, or quite waste, also not enough environmental protection.Second, the increase of noise annoyance boot stuff often do not have a tool to fixed, in turn, turn, deceleration zone, and so on and so forth it’s easy to knock against, make noise, influence the vehicle comfort, three car brush of in-car air quality towels, kaifeng oil, all kinds of plastic products or raw food materials, they will release the smell of gas, in the car for a long time,It’s bad for the air in the car. Try to get rid of it.Many users are used to putting a box of mineral water in the car for easy access at any time.However, in hot summer and cold winter, it is recommended that you do not do this.In the summer, the temperature in the trunk of a vehicle can reach 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, plastic bottles of bottled water can release harmful gases that pollute the water and make it undrinkable.If the temperature drops below zero in the winter, the water in the trunk will freeze and the expanding ice will burst the water bottle. When the temperature rises in the car, the water will melt and flow into the trunk, making it difficult to clean up.In a word, the back compartment is for the convenience of the user home travel, should be able to “travel can be packed, idle can be isolated”, so it is a reasonable use of it, do not regard it as a long-term utility room, which is not good for people and cars.