Which Chinese cars will hit the market in 2021 impress you the most?

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Which Chinese cars will hit the market in 2021 impress you the most?2021 can be said to be the first year of the rise of independent brands, in this year, independent brands bravely catch up under the pressure of joint venture brands, their own market share continues to improve, to bring many quality, personality and practical models for domestic consumers.For those of you who are particularly interested in chinese-made cars, the Travel Bureau has selected several domestic models to be launched in 2021.WEY Mocha Great Wall to fight against the strength of the growing new forces, in May last year through its WEY brand launched the first model of coffee smart WEY Mocha, even with Huawei’s second princess Anna Yao formed CP debut, became the hottest topic in the car circle at that time.As WEY brand’s flagship model to challenge Chinese luxury brands, WEY Mocha is equipped with AIFEED function created by Coffee Smart Drive, and is the first model to realize redundant L3 automatic driving of the whole car. Intelligent technology such as large-size AR-HUD head-up system also adds a lot of luxurious information to WEY Mocha.Uni-kuni-k is a masterpiece for Changan to achieve brand improvement. With the success of UNI-T, UNI-K has attracted a lot of attention since its launch. As the flagship SUV of the brand, UNI-K also brings a lot of innovative technology configuration and unique design concept.Uni-k was supposed to reproduce the glory of UNI-T with its no-edge grille design, Y-shaped daytime running light, SONY car audio, four-screen linkage system, and changan Blue Whale 2.0T engine and 8-speed manual transmission. Unfortunately, the elk test pulled uni-K into the public controversy, and now the sales are only flat, only 2-3 thousand units per month.However, uni-K will also have a new blue Whale hybrid this year. I wonder if uni-K with hybrid will be more competitive.Since its launch on March 8, 2021, BYD QIN PLUS DM-I has achieved a hot selling trend of increasing sales for nine consecutive months, and the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 96,000 units. Now, demand has been in short supply in the market, and the pick-up cycle in many areas has reached more than three months.The reason why qin PLUS DM-I is so recognized by the market and consumers is that it exerts a dimension reduction blow on the fuel cars of the same level. The core experience, such as 3.8 liters ultra-low fuel consumption, 1,245km ultra-long endurance and 7.3 seconds breaking acceleration, cannot be brought by fuel cars of the same level.Haf First Love is defined by Haf as a brand new product for generation Z, which is very young and personalized in the appearance, configuration and function of the vehicle.Three screen wisdom linkage and 26 magic store content, greatly increases the convenience and practicability of the vehicles, improve the young owners use feeling, the atmosphere of color lamp, 360 ° 64 automatic parking system, the whole scene L2 level automatic driving, face recognition, HUD looked up and display, and other functions are fully meet the demand of the young man’s car,And alleviate young people’s car trouble.Krypton 001 krypton 001 is the first model of Geely’s high-end luxury electric brand Krypton. In order to show Geely’s attention to it, Geely even appointed Li Shufu as chairman and An Conghui as CEO. Geely also has high hopes for The Krypton brand and intends to use the Krypton brand to compete with new car makers.In terms of the vehicle itself, Krypton 001 can be said to be a stack-based building car to the end, including the installation of frame-less doors, intelligent induction automatic doors, air suspension, four-screen interconnection system, Yamaha audio, direct heat pump and other luxury high-end configurations are all integrated with one car.The ZEEKR AD full-scene highly autonomous driving assistance system and the world’s first 7nmMobileye Eye Q5H dual chip make the kryp001 in terms of autonomous driving is also not human or even better than most smart cars in China.The Gekrypton 001 has had its fair share of criticism, but if it can be properly handled and improved in the future, the gekrypton 001 could have a new lease of life.