Woman jumped into the river, Tang Yin police 15 minutes “life and death rescue”!

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The water has not reached the chest, the water temperature is less than 4 degrees Celsius, a woman emotional, standing in the river refused to turn back…At the critical moment, Tangyin police staged a 15-minute “life and death rescue”, a woman jumped into the river rescue ashore.”Zhonghua Road tanghe Park river, there is a woman is walking into the river, water has been submerged above the waist……”.At 16:00 on February 11, after receiving the public alarm for help, police patrol brigade of Tangyin County Public Security Bureau immediately rushed to the scene.From a distance, the woman is about 2 meters from the shore, the water is already up to her chest.The situation is urgent, the life and safety of the masses tightly clenched the heart of the police on the scene, the movement is a little slow, the woman is afraid of life danger.Police Shi Zehao led auxiliary police Pan Zitao, Zhang Xiaohui, Zhang Chuan, Yuan Wenchao, Li Lixin 5 people with lifesaving equipment to the bank of the River rushed past.”Life only once, everything can not be impulsive, more can not go to extremes, encounter things to calm, think of their own relatives, do not commit suicide.”Time is life, drawing water Shi Zehao, Pan Zitao and others came to the shore, the patience to persuade the woman, but woman has excited mood does not listen to persuasion, Shi Zehao see the woman in the frozen shivering, decisiveness, regardless of the cold water and the danger, and Pan Zitao, xiao-hui zhang quickly jumped into the river, the woman a little, to assist ashore.To the shore, Shi Zehao patiently comfort her emotions, the woman finally told the police after a smooth mood of her family contact information.Shi zehao handed the woman to her family and asked them to pay more attention to the woman’s physical and mental condition.(Shi Xiaoyu)