Is electrical engineering discipline good obtain employment

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Electrical engineering is the most important subject in traditional engineering.Employment is more extensive than computer science, daily social life need to contact the content of electrical engineering discipline, in social production has a higher application;Basically every enterprise and unit must have their own electrical engineers and technical personnel.So learning electrical engineering major, employment is no problem, mainly the depth of the content you learn in the university.Electrical engineering discipline to learn is also a certain degree of difficulty, must have a certain basis in mathematics and physics, otherwise learn very tired, of course, if you are not high employment requirements, it is not difficult to learn, but the work treatment and environment may be almost;Serious study, graduation work is not worried about employment.Electrical engineering kind major, the biggest advantage is good obtain employment.You don’t hear of unemployed electrical engineering graduates.But take an examination of fair take an examination of to make up basically can sign up for 3 unlimited professional only, very difficult shore.Tsinghua University and Xi ‘an Jiaotong University are the best universities in electrical engineering in China, both of which have A+ discipline rating, followed by HUST and Huadian university with A discipline rating.Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University and Major is A- rating, these universities electrical engineering graduates, employment problems do not need to consider, salary and working environment is very good, strong electricity direction to the power system more;Weakness direction to well-known manufacturing enterprises;It’s very popular.Second is A big, big pay, such as China southern and southeast B + discipline rating of colleges and universities, the college graduate employment is also need not worry, A lot of well-known enterprises to hire you, although discipline rating not class A rating of high school, but graduate employment is also very good, sometimes not necessarily inferior to the colleges and universities.In the discipline of electrical engineering, there are ratings are very good universities;Flexibility in employment is very high.The six directly affiliated universities with electric power background are easy to enter the electric power system. The electrical engineering discipline of South Engineering And Shenyang Engineering has no discipline rating, which does not affect the employment of the graduates of the two universities, and most of them go to work in the state grid of counties and townships.National electrical engineering generally as long as the strong direction of the graduates, the weak direction of the graduates to the enterprise more.If a competent person takes the electrical engineer certificate, not only the employment, your income will be greatly increased;Is not lose the annual salary of computer major.Learning electrical engineering major, there is basically no need to worry about employment problems, as long as you study hard, in the job market is relatively popular, mainly this is a major with a certain technical content;Recruit a person is to have certain major requirement, won’t appear the circumstance of cross major recruit students.Why there is no computer major fever;The main employment environment is generally in the laboratory and workshop, state grid work a lot or in the field;The salary is not low;But I can’t get the high salary of computer major.So the market heat has not been high, but there are a lot of followers;Mainly can guarantee employment;The income is not low.Home without mining background, serious study of electrical engineering major;It’s also pretty good;A major that is purely merit-based.