O ‘Sullivan showed up to pose for photos with fans after the breakup, looking good but looking lonely

2022-05-02 0 By

O ‘Sullivan was spotted by a fan in a shop in Coventry on Tuesday and asked to pose for a photo. Despite her split from Roas, o ‘Sullivan said yes.But his hair was gray at the temples, and he was clearly lost after parting with Roaz. He looked haggard and lonely.It is not known why O ‘Sullivan was in Coventry, home of last year’s World Grand Prix, where he picked up his 38th title at the Architectural Society Arena at the end of last year.O ‘Sullivan, who was competing in Coventry last December, said he particularly enjoyed drinking coffee at a cafe in the city’s Arena Park Centre, and nearly missed out on him and Andy.Hicks’ first game.O ‘Sullivan is scheduled to play at the European Masters, which starts on Monday, but it is not known if the split will affect his schedule or performance in the tournament.Roas said at the “self-compassion seminar” and the active break up with his request roas in 18 local time in London on schedule in a so-called “self-compassion seminar” on, and in the roas is very happy made a speech at the meeting broke up with his seemingly has not been much impact,Roas first announced his split with O ‘Sullivan on his social media account on Wednesday, and continued to speak out about the split on Monday, saying: “It’s not the beginning of a sad breakup.”