The Zhihu evening party on New Year’s Eve will focus on the upward answers of ordinary people

2022-05-02 0 By

On the evening of January 30, 2022, Zhihu and Hunan TV will jointly hold the “Zhihu Answer Adventure Night” evening party.See this name, do you feel very novel, there is a moment inside the curiosity cells suddenly become active, but suddenly can not find the answer, perhaps there are some clues here.The theme of this evening party is to create an adventure “curiosity” and “sense of gain” party, also should be at present this New Year’s day.The family sat together while watching the party, while telling the harvest of the past year, together make a new outlook for the New Year.As for the past 2021 summary, we, as ordinary people, listen to what they say, and then continue to review our own 2021.Zhen Haoyuan, zhihu’s answerer, who is committed to popular science knowledge in Zhihu and wrote “Self-help Manual of Rainstorm”, said, “To use a word to describe it is to try our best, or to work hard for something. Although I have regrets, I have done everything I can within my own possible scope.”Niu Yu, a survivor of the Wenchuan earthquake who was amputated due to the earthquake, also known as spring outing brother, described her 2021 as a “break”, such as putting a flashlight on her prosthetic leg or going to Shanghai Fashion Week. For the special group of disabled people, these are all eyes that break people’s tradition.Lin Jie, a researcher of arachnology, is “cool”. He thinks 2021 will be cool, because he has discovered many interesting new species, traveled to many places around the world, traveled around Tibet by himself and collected many spiders in this year. Therefore, he thinks these are some cool things.Looking ahead to the New Year 2022, everyone has their own small goals, some of them silently in the heart of the plan, some of them have expressed, and efforts to do.”I’m an entrepreneur of smart hardware and I invented the world’s first smart table, so by 2022, I hope this product can be put into production and serve more people,” Zhen said.”I want to go to Qingdao this year, and I hope I can continue to do what I did in 2021 in 2022, to bring power to more people and make myself more brave,” niu said.The third Lin Jie hopes to achieve two goals in 2022. The first is to publish ten SCI articles a year, and the second is to publish my 100th new species in the New Year.Listen to their 2021 review, 2022 outlook, our own?Believe that each of us has an upward answer.I believe that in this party of “curiosity” and “sense of gain”, we will review the harvest and achievements of the past year and look forward to the development and expectation of the future. Together, we will meet the upward answer.”It is reported that the 2022 Zhihu Answer Adventure Night will be broadcast by, co-sponsored by Dongfeng Honda Inpi and Haier Sanyibird, and supported by 5G designated partner China Mobile.”Feel free to write down what you have to say in the comments section. Will you feel recorded when you see this next year?