The old man fell down after riding, yangpu police warm heart help…..

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Old people with inconvenient legs are prone to accidents when they go out.Recently, an old man accidentally fell in the process of cycling, fortunately, yangpu police timely rescue.Early in the morning of February 12, The Hailu police station of Yangpu Public Security Bureau received help from the public that an old man accidentally fell down while riding his bicycle near Ningcheng Road, Shiguang Road.After receiving the report, the police Wang Biao, Xu Jiahao rushed to the scene, found that the old man is lying on the ground groaning painfully,
The bike was pinned on his right ankle and he couldn’t move,
The police moved the bikes at once.After observation and inquiry, the police confirmed that the old man in addition to the left hand bruise and no major obstacle, so, Wang Biao, Xu Jiahao cooperate with each other, slowly will help the old man to the side to rest.It is learned that the old man is over 80 years old and lives alone in the neighborhood. On the morning of that day, he rode to the nearby vegetable market to buy vegetables. On the way, because of leg cramps and slippery road, he accidentally fell to the ground with his car.After a short rest, the old man said his body was fine and prepared to ride home by himself.Fearing that the old man might fall again,
Wang Biao offered to drive a police car to send it home,
So he helped the old man into the police car,
Xu jiahao rides the bike.
After arriving at the old man’s residential area, Wang Biao, Xu Jiahao two people will help the old man back home to rest, at the same time the old man is working son telephone contact.Confirm that the son of the old man has set out to come, Wang Biao, Xu Jiahao will be handed over to the elderly neighbor care to leave.Later, the police received a phone call from the old man’s son to express heartfelt thanks to the police for their due diligence.Yangpu police remind the general public:
When encountering a slippery road, be careful whether driving, cycling or walking, especially the elderly should pass slowly to avoid similar situations.Text: Chen Tao editor: Xi Yuxuan * Reproduced please indicate from Shanghai Yangpu official wechat view number author: Shanghai Yangpu