These 12 unsolved mysteries of history have finally been solved!

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Part of the appeal of enduring mysteries is that they have no answer — in the absence of an answer, anything is possible.Still, many once-creepy mysteries have been solved, especially when it involves lost lives, or people who have been wronged.Many mysteries that have long baffled professional and amateur investigators have now been solved.Whether it’s true dark crime stories, historical events, or natural phenomena, the solutions to history’s best-solved puzzles are all solved through scientific analysis, thorough investigation, serendipitous discovery, and a little luck.Azaria Chamberlain’s parents claimed a wild dog stole her, but authorities refused to believe them when Australian Michael and Lindy Chamberlain took their three children — Aidan, Reagan and 9-week-old Azaria — camping near Uluru in the Northern Territory in August 1980.The camping trip ended in tragedy when they found Azaria missing from camp.Lindy, who lost a family member, told authorities that a dingo had taken her children from the tent.While the medical examiner initially accepted Lindy’s story, other authorities remained unconvinced.Instead, they detained, convicted and imprisoned Lindy for her daughter’s murder — even though Azaria’s body was nowhere to be found.So what happened to Azaria?Azaria’s body was never found, but a crucial piece of evidence was discovered.In 1986, a tourist fell from Uluru, a boulder in the area, while hiking.The search for the tourist turned up the clothes Azaria was wearing when she disappeared, found near a dingo den.In this way, Lindy’s original claim appears to have been correct.In 2012, Azaria’s death certificate was finally changed to say she was bitten by a wild dog.The so-called Golden State Killer began in California in the 1970s: he would routinely break into people’s homes, commit rape there, and sometimes even kill people.The criminal remained undetected for a long time.His tendency to strike in different parts of the state puzzled investigators, who initially didn’t realize that one person was responsible for all the different cases.As a result, his identity remained a mystery for decades.But DNA testing finally solved the mystery.In 2018, former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested.Investigators were able to identify him using DNA uploaded by a relative to a genealogy website.The remains of Richard III were finally found under a car park on August 22nd 1485, King Richard III of England was killed at the Battle of Bosworth.But where did his body go?Although Richard’s life ended at the battle of Bosworth, many believe that his remains have been lost over time.Historical records show that Richard’s body was taken to Greyfriars Church in Leicester.The problem is, this church doesn’t exist anymore.During the English Reformation, Roman Catholic buildings were demolished and the church was dissolved.In 2012, researchers discovered Graves Church under a car park in Leicester.As the location of the church was discovered, investigators quickly excavated it to find Richard’s remains.In early 2013, they announced that a skeleton they had found was in fact the remains of Richard III.The discovery of Richard’s remains also gives researchers a chance to explore the king’s physical condition.They found that although Richard had scoliosis, he was not hunchbacked as popular imagination had it.They also concluded that he had been infected with an intestinal parasite.And his death appears to be horrific, he may have been crushed to death by a group of soldiers.Thirteen years later, a mysterious four-person killing spree was finally blamed on a notorious serial killer. On November 6, 2003, someone shot and killed four people inside a Superbike store in Chesney, South Carolina.There were no survivors, and authorities don’t know who did it.Thirteen years later, authorities accidentally solved the mystery while investigating another case.The whereabouts of two missing people in South Carolina, Kala Brown and Charles David Carver, led police to search the property of a man named Todd Kohlhepp.There, they found Brown locked up, and the police quickly arrested Kohlhepp.After he was taken into custody, Kohlhepp confessed to the superbike killings, as well as a series of other incidents.In May 1971, young Cheryl Miller and Pamela Jackson, who were supposed to attend an outdoor party near their home town in South Dakota, were finally found after 40 years when the bodies of two missing women were found in a small river low enough to reveal their car.But they didn’t make it.The mystery of the two young women’s disappearance has haunted their community for decades.Decades later, the Miller and Jackson families finally got answers.In September 2013, a drought caused water levels in the area to drop.The water level in a nearby creek was low, and an old Studebaker was soon seen poking out of the shallow water.The bodies of Miller and Jackson were soon found in the car, and investigators even found Miller’s wallet inside.That discovery helped authorities determine that it was a tragic incident.Somehow, on their way to the party, they lost control of their car and the Studbeck ended up in a creek, which killed them as well.The remains of Grand Duchess Anastasia were found after rumors that she survived the 1918 family massacre that killed Czar Nicholas II of Russia, his wife Alexandra, and their five children on July 17, 1918.Because of the secretive nature of the act and the subsequent disposal of the remains, some claim that the czar’s youngest daughter, Anastasia, somehow survived.In the years following the incident, several impostors emerged claiming to be the missing Grand Duchess.The legend of Anastasia’s escape even inspired a play that was adapted into film and music.But anastasia did not escape her killer.In 1991, the remains of Nicholas, Alexandra and their three children were exhumed.Two years later, DNA analysis confirmed their identities.What about the remains of the other two children?Some say it proves anastasia really did survive.But those hopes were dashed in 2007 when a second grave was found near the first.DNA analysis proved that the remains of the tsar’s son Alexei and one of his daughters, possibly Maria, were buried in a second tomb.Which means Anastasia’s remains are in the first grave.In 1845, Captain John Franklin and his crew embarked on an expedition aboard two ships, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror,To find a way through the Northwest Passage.But the entire expedition was lost in the Canadian Arctic.The search for the expedition began soon after British officials realized it was missing.Franklin’s wife, Jane, played an important role in organizing the search team to find her husband and his crew.While the search turned up objects related to the expedition, as well as a number of cemeteries, the ships were not found.As it turned out, the search party had overlooked a key source of information: The Inuit knew what happened to Franklin’s expedition, but the 19th century European colonists were not interested in what they had to say.In 2014, researchers finally found the wreck of the Erebus.And it was discovered with the help of Inuit historians.Two years later, they found the Terror, too.On August 2, 1947, a plane known as Stardust, operated by British South American Airways, took off from Buenos Aires, Argentina, en route to Santiago, Chile.But its voyage was not a success.Minutes before the stardust landed in Chile, radio operators received a series of Morse code signals from the pilot with the same words: “STENDEC.”After three signals, the plane and its 11 passengers and crew disappeared.What happened to the plane?What does “STENDEC” mean?The mysteries have sparked a host of theories — from oxygen deprivation to Ufos — to explain the disappearance of stardust and the meaning of “STENDEC.”Decades later, the mystery was finally solved.In 1998, climbers on Mount Tupungato in the Andes found debris that authorities suspected was stardust.Two years later, soldiers from Argentina conducted a thorough search of the crash site.And the low temperatures of Tupungato preserved the bodies of the passengers.While the wreckage of the plane has been found, the mystery of “STENDEC” remains unsolved.Leo Frank was lynched in Atlanta in 1915 for crimes he probably did not commit.Two years ago, Frank ran a pencil factory and was accused of murdering Mary Fagan, a 13-year-old girl who worked there.Frank’s conviction says more about the prejudices of the time than what really happened to Fagan.Although there was no evidence against Frank, the court convicted him on anti-Semitic grounds.He was sentenced to death.Georgia Governor John Slaton, however, was not convinced of Frank’s guilt and commuted his sentence to life in prison, hoping he would eventually be acquitted.In a wave of public anti-Semitism, they decided to take matters into their own hands: they captured Frank in prison and lynched him.If Frank wasn’t responsible for Fagan’s death, then who was?The most likely suspect is Jim Conley, the plant’s janitor, who first points the finger at Frank.In 1982, another employee at the plant provided new evidence that it was Conley and not Frank.But Frank has not been officially pardoned.When Lori Ruff took her life in 2010, her husband was confused.Though he lived with her in Texas, he began to question how well he knew the woman he had married.A paper trail appears to show that her name is not really Lori Love, and that she has, in fact, gone through a number of identities over the years.So who the hell is Lori Love?In 2016, an investigator from the Social Security Administration and crowdsourced sleuthing came up with the answer and solved the mystery.It turned out that Lori Love was actually Kimberly McLean, a Pennsylvania woman who ran away from home as a teenager in 1986.Over the next two decades, she went on to assume other identities.There’s actually a very common explanation for a creepy event in Bordin, Minnesota.Since the 1960s, locals and tourists alike have seen a light inexplicably appear on the hillside at night.For decades, no one knew what caused the light.There was no real explanation, so people made up their own.In the more popular legend, the light is actually a ghost returning to Earth.In 2010, graduate students at Michigan Tech University officially put the legend to rest.After extensive experiments, they claimed it was simply the light from headlights on a nearby highway.When people refuted that explanation, researcher Jeremy Boss stood by his findings: Our goal wasn’t to be a fun pooper, just to stimulate interest in science and answer a question scientifically.We have myths and fables, and they are valuable to us humans, and there’s no reason why The Light of Bourdin can’t be one of them…But there’s no explanation for it?All I’m saying is, if you’re looking.No one knows how crop circles mysteriously appeared in fields overnight in the 1970s. An unexpected sight in Wiltshire, England, sparked an international craze: a pattern appeared in a wheat field overnight.How did it get there?Some have come up with alien explanations.They believe alien visitors undoubtedly created the pattern.After all, the pattern looks like a “flying saucer.”Is this evidence that aliens landed their spaceships on this land?The lack of a clear explanation has led to a number of conspiracy theories, especially as new circles have emerged.In 1991, an answer finally put these theories to rest.Doug Bower and Dave Chorley admit that they made many of these crop circles using simple wood and string.